Cincinnati Personal Injury Attorney investigating Auto and Trucking Negligence Contributing to Ohio Road Hazards

There are various elements and factors that contribute to a car or truck accident. Ohio road hazards can be perilous, and it is crucial that drivers take safe actions, especially in poor weather or road conditions. To remain safe on the roads, it requires a well-trained car and truck driver to know how to avoid an accident. However, many times, dangerous roads and highways can be too much of a challenge for drivers and lead to serious accidents and injuries.

A road can be particularly dangerous because of design defects, construction zone hazards, large breaks in pavement, ice and snow and fog, and can be worsened by poor driver behavior. Roads can also be poorly maintained by a municipality, leading to dangerous but preventable conditions.

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Common Types of Ohio Road Hazards

Common Ohio Road Hazards for Truckers

  • Low clearances
  • Roadways or bridges that cannot handle heavy loads
  • Steep inclines
  • Steep declines
  • Sharp turns

Ohio Road Hazards & Road Design

Every state has roads and highways that require improvements, but some neglect may directly lead to deadly car accidents. In Ohio, drivers and truckers cannot always avoid dangerous roads, intersections, or highways—which may include I-76, I-90, I-71, I-75, and I-85. Highways and byways surrounding Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Akron can be dangerous due to road hazards and road work zones. In fact, I-75 is ranked as one of most dangerous highways in the country, based on the number of traffic-related deaths. Ohio also has the most fatalities on I-75 compared to the other states.

A local municipality or state could be responsible for poor design or dangerous road conditions. For example, the road may have potholes so long they are a significant hazard. The liable party from an accident could be a trucking company, road design company, or construction company, and a claim can be filed on your behalf. If a local or state government is at fault, a lawsuit is a viable option. Under Ohio law, the state can be held responsible in some instances for not keeping public roadways in good repair.

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Compensation for Victims of Ohio Road Hazards

Victims and their attorney will need evidence that a road hazard directly lead to an accident that cause injury. It is important to preserve all physical evidence and get witness testimony, photos and video of the accident.

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