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Interstitial lung disease includes a group of health disorders which can lead to the progressive scarring of lung tissue—a condition that can potentially affect the ability to breathe. Causes of interstitial lung disease usually implicate long-term exposure to toxic materials and chemicals like metals and asbestos.

Chronic or long-term exposure to certain toxins and chemicals on the job can lead to lung diseases, even after decades of initial exposure. Some occupations present more at risk for occupational and interstitial lung disease than others, such as workers in factories, metal plating, machine part processing, steel plants, auto plants, oil refineries, wood processing plants, textile factories, and others with existing fumes and toxins in the workplace.

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Occupational Interstitial Lung Disease Lawsuits

Many reported long-term lung conditions and cancer cases are caused by occupation-associated illness and workplace exposure to metals, asbestos and other toxins. Most occupational lung diseases are caused by chronic toxin exposure, but even acute exposure to toxic substances can damage the lungs beyond repair.

Exposure to asbestos, cobalt, coal dust, wood dust, grain dust, radiation, silica, beryllium, benzene, and several other chemicals are known to raise the risk of cancer in humans.

By the time symptoms appear, severe lung damage may have already occurred. Typical signs and symptoms of interstitial lung disease may include:

  • Shortness of breath and trouble breathing
  • Persistent pain
  • Dry cough

Workplace Lung Disease & Employer Negligence

Interstitial lung disease is still somewhat of a mystery to medical experts, but it seems to occur when the lungs are triggered by an abnormal response, and the lungs become scarred and thickened. This process in turn makes it more difficult for oxygen to pass from the lungs into the bloodstream.

Many Ohio workers have been diagnosed with an occupational lung cancer or lung disease following many years employed in industrial and poorly-ventilated work settings. Victims may have viable injury claims against former employers for failing to protect workers and failing to provide a safe work environment.

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