Cincinnati, Ohio Medical Device Defect Attorney and Product Liability Lawyer investigates Da Vinci Surgery Lawsuits and injuries for plaintiffs nationwide

Modern technological advances in surgical equipment has brought many new devices onto the market. Some devices have the ability to help patients and doctors a great deal, while others have a history of complications and malfunctions, with the potential for serious patient injury.

When defective medical devices are used in the healthcare industry, patients have the right to file Da Vinci surgery lawsuits following any related injury.

Many medical device defects are not known until after an accident occurs because equipment may not be properly tested before it is distributed to hospitals and medical clinics. The DaVinci Surgical Robot has been linked to severe complications and has been targeted by personal injury and product liability attorneys in da Vinci surgery lawsuits due to injury.

Joe Lyon is an experienced CIncinnati, Ohio product liability lawyer and medical device attorney reviewing da vinci surgery lawsuits for injured plaintiffs nationwide.

Surgical Injury & Da Vinci Surgery Lawsuits

Manufactured by Intuitive Surgery, the Da Vinci Robot Surgical System has been utilized in thousands of American hospitals for hysterectomies, prostate removals and other types of surgery. The system is partially manned with a surgeon using a joystick to guide a robot during the surgery.

But after injuries, reports and complaints say that the system is poorly designed and manufactured. The following complications and side effects have been reported:

Da Vinci Recall & FDA Warning

After the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) received thousands of reports of the Da Vinci Surgical Robot malfunctioning—mechanical and software issues—the FDA issued a device recall. The company itself admitted the Da Vinci Surgical Robot malfunctions after reports of “instrument cable breaks.”

Studies indicate that the malfunction risk is low, from around 0.4-2.4 percent of all procedures, though that amounts to hundreds of patients compromised each year. An FDA recall was issued in 2016 after thousands of adverse events from the Da Vinci Surgical System have been reported to the FDA.

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