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Identity theft can be a traumatic experience for victims of fraud and security breaches that may result in stolen information and substantial financial losses. Advances in technology has made a lot of banking and consumer activity very convenient, but presents serious security risks for anyone with an online presence.

Online scams, stolen bank and credit card statements can compromise delicate personal information. If anyone has stolen your personal or financial information or assumed your identity, contact an Ohio identity theft lawyer as soon as possible.

Joe Lyon is a Cincinnati Data Breach Attorney and Ohio Identity Theft Lawyer representing victims of fraud, security breaches and identity theft nationwide.

Common Types of Identity Theft

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), approximately 17 million Americans were victims of identity theft last year. Identity theft can occur when a person uses your personal information without permission to commit fraud or make unlawful purchases. The most commonly stolen information includes:

  • Name
  • Credit card number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Social Security number
  • Bank account information

The most common forms of identity theft include:

Financial theft: using someone else’s identity to obtain goods, services, or credit

Cloning Identity: using someone’s identifying information to assume their identity in daily life

Medical Identity theft: using a false identity to obtain prescriptions or medical care

Business Identity Theft: fraudulent individuals pose as owners or employees of a business to obtain cash, credit, or loans. Criminals poach on the following:

  • Bank account numbers
  • Tax ID numbers
  • Business statements
  • Company credit card numbers

How to Prevent Identity Theft

To protect yourself against identity theft, you should follow careful Internet practice, which should include:

  • Creating unique passwords for each online bank and email account
  • Use trusted websites
  • Use updated antivirus programs
  • Limiting personal information on social media
  • Keep track of financial accounts

Common tactics and ways identity theft is committed:

  • Criminals pose as a bank representatives and ask for banking information
  • Fraudsters pose as an insurance agents or corporate agencies to access personal information
  • Employees gain access to sensitive information to exploit it
  • Credit card fraud
  • Dumpster-diving in recycling or trash bins for financial info

Contact an Ohio Identity Theft Lawyer

Identity theft crimes can affect victims for months and years after the fact. It is important to contact an experienced security breach attorney and Ohio Identity theft lawyer to begin the process of recovering financial losses and to mitigate the damage of a company or individual reputation in the future.

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