An experienced Social Media Libel Lawyer and Cincinnati Defamation Attorney reviews online libel, slander and social media defamation lawsuits for plaintiffs nationwide

Online personal and professional attacks can easily upend the reputation of an individual or business, and lead to severe emotional distress and financial losses. Legal action is often warranted, though these cases can be complex and require substantial evidence, particularly when the libel is offered anonymously on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor or other review-based Web sites.

Liability must be established by a plaintiffs by identifying the individual or organization posting mistruths and lies about you or your business. It is important to note that according to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, Internet Service Providers are not liable for what users post on certain sites, and a defamation lawsuit must be directed at an individual defendant. A Web site, however, is the supposed “publisher: of information, and if aware of slander or libel, may be legally encouraged to remove a post.

The vast majority of online defamation and social media libel cases are settled when a Web site agrees to remove a post, stopping short of individual prosecution or settlement. However, in cases where serious damage has occurred and financial losses can be demonstrated to a court,  your Cincinnati defamation attorney may be able to recover a great deal of compensation.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Cincinnati Defamation Attorney and Invasion of Privacy Lawyer representing plaintiffs nationwide in social media defamation lawsuits.

Social Media Defamation Lawsuits & Settlements

Defamatory allegations are not always easily removed in a prompt fashion, and may be extremely damaging to one’s personal and professional reputation. A single post on social media website, review-based website, online forum, blog, or message board can be proven to be defamation and worthy of a legal claim.

Successful online defamation cases may involve publishing an untrue statement that damages a person’s or business’ reputation. The Lyon Firm can represent plaintiffs who have been defamed and can prove the following:

  • The defendant published or broadcasted an untrue statement
  • The statement is completely or partially false and not based on fact
  • The plaintiffs was harmed (by reputation, personally or professionally) by the untrue statement

Social Media Libel & Internet Lawsuits

To recover compensation or to settle an online defamation case, it is important to note the following:

  • Preserve Damaging Postings—take screenshots and send the evidence to yourself and to the Internet Service Providers and Websites where the postings appear
  • Request that ISPs and Web sites Remove the Postings—some sites will remove postings, other will not. But the initiative may be important to building a case.
  • Post a Thoughtful and Accurate Rebuttal—address the untrue allegations as soon as possible in a well-mannered post. Mention legal action if the post is not removed.
  • Consider Legal Action—a plaintiffs must decide if it is worth the time and effort to file a lawsuit. An Online defamation attorney may be able to assist in the decision. How damaging is the particular post or series of posts?
  • File a Lawsuit—if the person posting defamatory comments is unknown, it is best to contact an experienced online defamation attorney to obtain subpoena power, and to investigate the matter thoroughly. After obtaining an IP address, you may be able to find out who owns it and locate a poster. Then you can start to name a defendant in a defamation lawsuit.
  • Numerate lost customer and lost revenue—this information will determine what is right in asking for in a court judgment or settlement.

Social Media Lawsuits & Cincinnati Defamation Attorney

Posting defamatory statements, mistruths, hearsay or lies on the Internet is unethical and unlawful. Postings about individuals or businesses on social media can be emotionally and financially damaging in terms of professional reputation, and plaintiffs should consider contacting an online defamation attorney to investigate.

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