Poorly Maintained Machinery & Equipment Malfunction Leads to Ohio Workplace Injuries

When machines and equipment malfunction at the workplace, workers can be faced with severe injuries. Poorly maintained machines made defective through use may cause crush injuries, severe burns and amputations.

Each year, hundreds of workers in construction, mining and manufacturing industries  lose their life or suffer permanent injuries on the job in equipment accidents.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the majority of equipment incidents at the workplace are vehicle-related collisions in the construction, mining, fracking, factory and warehouse industries.

Individuals working in these high-risk workplaces sustain a great deal more work-related injuries than other American workers. When a piece of equipment fails due to poor maintenance or incorrect maintenance procedures, employers may be held responsible.

Workers should never be placed in a situation where they must operate unsafe equipment, and risk their life at the workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has laws that help protect workers from retaliation from an employer that requires them to operate unsafe equipment.

Employees can file a complaint with OSHA and contact an experienced labor attorney. If an investigation finds evidence that supports a claim against an employer, the court of law in Ohio is likely to compensate victims for injuries caused, lost wages and benefits, and pain and suffering.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Ohio product liability lawyer and OSHA attorney representing plaintiffs nationwide in a wide variety of product liability and workplace injury cases. 

Heavy Machinery Accidents

Injuries involving poorly maintained machines can be severe. An injury may occur due to the negligence of an employer or due to faulty and poorly designed machinery. There are many types of machines used in Ohio workplaces. Common machines involved in preventable injuries include:

Heavy Equipment Injury Lawsuits

Poorly Maintained Machinery Accidents

It is an employer’s responsibility to conduct machine and equipment safety inspections. If defects or safety issues are found, the employer is responsible for fixing old equipment or buying new, safe equipment to protect workers.

If machinery is made defective through use, and an employer does not maintain or replace it, there may be claims against the employer for endangering employees.

It also against the law for an employer to remove or alter safety features on machinery. Some instances of employers endangering workers include the following:

Workers Compensationworkers comp is available for on-the-job machine injuries and may provide injured workers with medical care and income replacement. Because the process for obtaining full Workers’ Compensation benefits in Ohio can be complicated, it may be helpful to contact an experienced Ohio labor attorney to assist you in the procedures.

Unsafe Machines & Equipment

Machinery used in construction, manufacturing and mining may be defective by design or assembly.  If any piece of equipment at the workplace injures an employee, an investigation will be necessary. A claim can be filed against the manufacturer of the equipment.

  • Defect in the design of the equipment: if defective equipment is responsible for an injury, the manufacturer can be held liable. Experts will be needed to analyze the injury circumstances and the machines.
  • Defect in the manufacturing of the equipment: equipment may be manufactured outside normal protocol and produced differently than intended. If the defect causes injury, the manufacturer is liable for damages.
  • Defect in the marketing of the equipment: manufacturers may fail to adequately warn end-users and fail to include warning instructions with the equipment. If consumers are not properly warned of machine hazards, the manufacturer may be held liable in Ohio courts.

Manufacturers can be targeted when defective equipment causes an injury, and others in the supply chain, including wholesalers and retailers, can be held liable for faulty equipment.

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