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When heavy machinery at the workplace malfunctions, it can lead to permanent injuries and deaths that ought to be prevented by taking the right precautions. There are several factors that can contribute to a machine malfunction accident, including faulty machine design, poor machine maintenance, a lack of training and workplace oversight, and employee negligence.

Following any workplace machine malfunction accident, it is important to preserve any evidence and witness testimony, and to consult with a product liability and workplace injury attorney to weigh your legal options.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Ohio workplace injury and product liability lawyer well-versed in machine accidents, and represents injured plaintiffs nationwide. 

Machine Malfunction Accident & Injury

Common types of machinery that may malfunction and cause injury, may include the following:

Machine Accident Lawsuits & Settlements

Lawsuits can recover rightful compensation for injured workers, and can help pay for medical costs, long-term disability, and lost wages following an accident. Machine malfunction can occur in many different job settings and industries such as:

Machines may be defective in design or made improperly and assembled with poor materials. If any workplace machine malfunctions and injures an employee, a claim can be filed against the manufacturer of the equipment, and potentially the company for lack of training or oversight.

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