Ohio medical malpractice lawyer reviews Dayton hospital negligence cases and represents plaintiffs statewide in medical malpractice lawsuits

Patients in Ohio hospitals and medical centers are often victimized by negligent hospital staff, physicians, nurses and management, and may recover compensation following severe injuries.

When hospitals are responsible for permanent injuries and patient deaths, they may be liable for past and future medical costs, damages associated with pain and suffering, lost wages, and a loss of quality of life.

There are several factors that may contribute to Dayton hospital negligence, including hospital understaffing, improper staff training, lack of communication, missed diagnosis, lab and radiology errors, nurse and staff fatigue, failure to promptly treat illnesses, wrong surgery, and overmedicating.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Ohio Medical Negligence and Dayton hospital negligence attorney representing injured plaintiffs throughout Ohio in personal injury cases. The Lyon Firm has obtained large malpractice settlements in a wide variety of personal injury litigation nationwide.

Types of Hospital Negligence

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Compensation Following Dayton Hospital Negligence

Preventable medical mistakes are a leading cause of injury in the United States, and victims have a duty to take legal action against those responsible to help prevent the same hospital errors in the future.

The Lyon Firm is an established personal injury and medical safety advocate, and advises patients and their representative not to negotiate with hospitals and insurance companies without a medical malpractice lawyer present. In such independent settlements, the hospitals will almost always benefit, and the plaintiff may not receive rightful compensation.

Nursing negligence is a growing issue in hospitals with fatigue and understaffing putting pressure on nurses and it is the patients that suffer the consequences.

The American Medical Association (JAMA) recently concluded that patients in hospitals where nurses had heavy workloads had a 31 percent higher risk of dying. A further analysis of hospital errors by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations in the last five years suggested an involvement of nurse understaffing.

Dayton Hospital Malpractice Claims

Medical Malpractice claims have been filed against management and individual doctors and nurses in the following Dayton healthcare institutions:

  • Miami Valley Hospital
  • Kindred Hospital Dayton
  • Dayton Children’s Hospital
  • Grandview Medical Center–Kettering
  • Dayton VA Medical Center
  • Medical Center at Elizabeth Place
  • Encompass Health
  • Dayton Heart Center
  • Riverview Health Institute
  • Samaritan CrisisCare
  • Miami Valley Health Center–Huber Heights

Joe Lyon also has experience filing lawsuits against negligent VA hospitals and representing veterans nationwide. With the Lyon Firm, attorney fees will only be paid in successful cases.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated and experienced Ohio medical malpractice Lawyer who has represented numerous individuals in serious medical malpractice and Dayton hospital negligence lawsuits. For a free consultation, please call 800.513.2403.