Ohio product liability attorney and Ikea Dresser Accident Lawyer investigating tip-over accidents and injuries and deaths related to dangerous recalled Ikea dressers for plaintiffs nationwide

It’s an all-too-familiar story: parents find their toddlers and young children crushed under Ikea dressers and other unstable furniture, resulting in injury and child deaths.

Defective furniture accidents have been reported in recent years to safety agencies like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), yet many defective furniture products remain on the market, posing safety risks to children across the country.

Consumer safety attorneys and your Ikea dresser accident lawyer can make Ikea and other furniture companies accountable for preventable injuries. The Lyon Firm is dedicated to protecting consumers and young children, and represents plaintiffs in product liability and personal injury lawsuits.

When an injury or death can be linked to a recalled product, compensation can be sought for victims and plaintiffs taking legal action.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Ohio product liability attorney and Ikea dresser accident lawyer representing plaintiffs nationwide in Ikea recall lawsuits and defective furniture settlements.

Ikea Dresser Recall & Tip-Over Accidents

In 2016, Ikea recalled 29 million Hemnes dressers after reports of children being crushed and suffocated when the dresser fell on top of them. But many defective Ikea dressers with other names and the similar tip-over risks remain on the market, and have injured and killed other children.

Ikea has recalled millions of defective products, including high chairs, cribs, bedroom lights, canopies, beds, child swings, costumes, and a kids’ tent. The injury risks of furniture defects can include lacerations, strangulation, crush injury, burn injury and broken bones.

In 2017, a child was killed by a recalled (8 million units) Ikea Malm dresser that was not secured to the wall, which has been Ikea’s solution to unstable dressers that pose safety risks. Some safety warnings only arrive after children are injured and killed by defective Ikea dressers.

Other companies have recalled unstable and faulty furniture as well, including Target, Wal-Mart, and Amazon. A 2018 report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, estimated that 14,000 children were injured in furniture tipover accidents in a three-year period. Unstable televisions, TV stands, dressers, and other badly designed furniture can lead to serious injury.

Ikea Furniture Recalls & Child Injury Risks

Plaintiffs and consumer safety attorneys have a responsibility to protect the public by filing lawsuits against Ikea and other faulty furniture producers. Victims of defective furniture accidents say the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has failed to do enough and issue enough recalls of defective dressers.

Most companies will yield to voluntary recalls when a product is found defective and is causing injuries, though that is not always the case, and further pressure from product liability attorneys.

The non-profit Kids in Danger (KID), which focuses on child product safety, says individual companies will negotiate with the CPSC, and lobby for keeping products on the market. The CPSC may have to file a lawsuit against a company to recall a product, which is why most recalls are voluntary. The Ikea furniture recalls only represent a small percentage of all Ikea products sold. A lot of dangerous dressers and tipover-prone furniture remains in American homes.

Many Ikea dressers remain on the market, with almost identical design and safety risks. Tip Over accidents and crush injuries apparently have not occurred enough for the company to make more drastic measures. Ikea has instead focused on the “Secure It” campaign, which educates parents and consumers about the importance of securing dressers and chests to walls. Ikea recommends anchoring dressers over a certain height to the wall, and provides anchoring kits.

This has been a decent public relations response to so many reported injuries and deaths, and yet the safety risks remain in many homes. The company has put the onus of safety on the consumer instead of altering their product to make it safer for the public.

ikea dresser accident lawyer

Ikea Dresser Accident Lawyer

When furniture recalls are ineffective and child injury and tip-over accidents continue, a company should either develop safer products or else face continual product liability litigation over unsafe furniture and defective dressers.

Unfortunately the CPSC and other safety agencies cannot always identify consumer risks and taking legal action may be the best option for victims and plaintiffs. Contact an Ikea dresser accident lawyer following any incident involving furniture defect injury or tip over accident.

If a loved one has suffered an injury or died due to a defective Ikea dresser or other dangerous Ikea product, and have questions about the legal remedies available to improve quality of life and medical care, contact The Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403. You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, an Ikea dresser accident lawyer, and he will help you answer critical questions regarding defective furniture lawsuits.