Cincinnati, Ohio Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Reviewing Defective Sports Equipment and Paintball accident lawsuits

Of the thousands of emergency room visits in the United States related to paintball injuries, the vast majority involve children under the age of 17. Most paintball accident injury reports are also considered preventable—the result of defective paintball guns or safety equipment, a dangerous field of play, negligent supervision of games, or the negligent use of equipment.

Many critics and Ohio attorneys believe paintball involves unreasonable injury risks when young players use defective guns or protective masks, or engage in reckless play that can be construed as assault in some cases.

Because paintball guns can fire pellets at a standard speed is anywhere between 180 and 300 mph, powered by pressurized CO2 cartridges, serious injuries seem very likely in many cases. The impact of the projectiles can easily injure participants in any unprotected area of the body.

Common paintball accident injuries include eye injuries, concussions, ruptured eardrums, hearing loss and even death. An investigation of two deaths caused by carbon dioxide (CO2) canisters flying off paintball guns caused the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to issue a safety warning but failed to take further measures.

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Common Paintball Accident Injuries

An estimated 20 to 45 injuries occur for every 100,000 people who participate in paintball. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), paintball injuries to children under the age of 15 doubled from 1998 as the popularity of the game increased. Serious injuries include eye injuries, ear injuries, and there have been deaths reported.

A paintball shot at a human ear at close range can lead to a concussion, a ruptured ear drum, tinnitus, or permanent damage to ear cartilage, and even partial loss of hearing.

Eye injuries represent about 85 percent of all paintball accident injuries, over 40 percent of these cases occurring in children. Types of paintball eye injuries include:

  • Hyphemas and vitreous hemorrhages
  • Retinal detachments
  • Cataracts
  • Corneal abrasions
  • Commotio retina (bruising and swelling of the retina)
  • Loss of Eye
  • Ruptured Eye Ball
  • Eyelid Trauma
  • Traumatic Iritis
  • Optic Neuropathy

Paintball Recalls & Ohio Paintball Accidents

Shocker Paintball recalled about 5,000 guns after the company received eight reports of chamber failures. In all cases the chamber assembly was ejected out the rear of the gun with force.

About 1,400 BT SA-17 Paintball Guns were recalled by KEE Action Sports LCC and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) over injury hazards the product poses. The recall was issued when it was discovered that the CO2 cartridge could fly out of the marker, posing an injury hazard.

If you or a family member has been injured playing paintball, you may be able to file a premises liability, product liability or catastrophic injury lawsuit. It may be possible to recover compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.

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