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The very idea of defective safety gear and unsafe protective equipment is disturbing, and yet helmet defects may be more common than previously thought. This goes for hardhats, motorcycle and bicycle helmets, as well as sports equipment, including football, hockey, and lacrosse helmets.

The safety outlook is particularly stark for football safety: football helmets, even though they can protect well against skull fractures, do not protect well against concussion injury. In a high-profile football helmet defect case, a jury in Colorado held Riddle accountable for failing to warn football players of the risk of concussions.

Riddell now faces multiple other lawsuits from thousands of former football players. The jury, which awarded $11.5 million in damages, said that Riddell’s helmets were defective in the sense that the company failed to properly and thoroughly warn athletes of the dangers.

The plaintiff and their attorney argued the company knew they had a problem testing their product many years ago, and failed to disclose that information.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Ohio consumer safety lawyer and product liability attorney reviewing helmet defect lawsuits for plaintiffs nationwide.

Defective Helmets & Injury Risk

Head injuries are the primary cause of death and spinal injury among motorcycle drivers. If a helmet is defective, the risk may be similar to not even wearing one.

Helmets have prevented thousands of head, brain, and neck injuries on motorcycles and bicycles, and it is critical that the helmets meet safety standards, and designed to absorb as much of an impact as possible.

Safety standards have been established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International) but not every manufacturer meets the minimum requirements. During sports accidents or road accidents, the most common injuries linked to defective helmets include:

helmet defect lawsuits

Bicycle & Motorcycle Helmet Defects

To be effective and prevent head injury, a helmet must be well-manufactured, meet design and safety standards set by the U.S. Department of Transportation, and should be tested properly by a third party. Consumers should only buy motorcycle helmets compliant with federal standards.

The Consumer Product & Safety Commission (CPSC) has the authority to issue recalls for Cycling Accidents, and has in years past. When helmets fail to meet minimal requirements. Helmet issues may include the following defects:

  • Lack of impact-resistant material
  • Fastener defects
  • Chin strap defects
  • Cheap materials
  • Reflector defects
  • Inadequate warnings

Legal Action & Helmet Defect Lawsuits

In successful helmet defect lawsuits, plaintiffs have alleged that manufacturing or design defects have directly lead to severe head and neck injuries. There is a consensus among safety experts that products that do not conform with federal standards should be kept off the market.

It is usually assumed by consumers that buying and wearing a helmet protects them from a potential accident, though that is unfortunately not the case. Following a bike crash or a serious sports injury, it is crucial to preserve evidence and contact a product liability lawyer.

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