Ohio Construction Defects Lawyer reviews new home Water Damage and Mold-Related Illness for plaintiffs in Ohio and throughout the country

Construction and contracting errors can lead to a variety of costly homeowner issues. Homes that are defectively built may allow moisture intrusion, which in turn may lead to serious mold growth within walls and other areas, completely compromising a home and posing health issues to its occupants.

Toxic mold can be a severe health hazard and may make a home unlivable. Repair can be costly, affect home values, and make it very difficult to resell a property.

Mold problems are usually much larger than how they first appear—they are typically not limited to a wall surface but present in drywall, under flooring and carpeting, in basements and attics, and in many hidden areas in a home. When a homeowner discovers a mold issue that is the result of builders’ and landscapers’ negligence, they may have a claim to recover the cost of repair.

Ohio construction defects that lead to water intrusion compromise the entire investment of a home. Builders of new homes and repair contractors may be responsible for a variety of defects. If your home is built with substantial defects, you could face major costs for both the repairs and an expensive lawsuit against the developer.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Ohio construction defects lawyer with experience investigating negligent builders and construction defects, and filing real-estate claims. Mr. Lyon has represented plaintiffs nationwide in a wide variety of civil litigation claims.

Ohio Construction Defects Lawyer

Any condition in your property which makes it unsuitable for living as intended can be considered a defect. Construction and building defects can include faulty design, negligent construction, or poorly planned landscaping.

Some plaintiff reports note defective flooring and floor vent defects that pose serious injury risks for homeowners. Balconies and decks have also been known to fail and deck collapse lawsuits have been filed on behalf of injured plaintiffs.

Any kind of defect can result in a water-damaged home that can lead to health problems and a decreased home value. Such cases are likely to lead to a successful lawsuit targeting negligent builders or contractors.
Defective home can be the result of the following:

•    Poor construction
•    Incorrect instillation
•    Unethical contractors—taking short cuts or cutting costs at the expense of the homeowner
•    Bad landscape architecture
•    Poor workmanship
•    Building material failures
•    Bad gutter and downspout placement
•    Non-compliance with building codes
Construction and landscaping defects may lead to the following issues:
•    Leaky roofs or windows
•    Cracks in flooring and floor vent placement
•    Defective plumbing

Toxic Mold & Ohio Construction Defects

Mold is not a construction defect, but may be the result of one or more defects on a specific property. One common situation of a water damaged home is a slow plumbing leak inside home walls or under the poorly laid foundation of a home.

Constant release of moisture will provides a medium for potentially dangerous mold. If a construction defect is identified, a builder or contractor may be liable for the cost of mold remediation and subsequent repairs.

To be valid and to properly recover damage costs from the responsible parties, claims must be filed shortly after the issue is discovered. Insurance may not cover all or any of the expenses, and builders or contractors should be held accountable.

If mold exists in a home and an individual develops an illness due to the presence of mold, a home defect and personal injury claim may exist. Personal injury claims are not always easily proven, though a construction defect is fairly obvious to your investigating Ohio construction defects lawyer and construction consultants.

Toxic Mold in Home a Serious Health Hazard

Toxic mold in American homes is more prevalent than previously thought. Toxic molds can cause household air quality problems leading to allergies and respiratory illness.

The Mayo Clinic has concluded that in more than 95 percent of American patients suffering from chronic sinus disease, a reaction to mold is the primary culprit. Some typical symptoms of toxic mold poisoning can include:

•    Chronic fatigue
•    Memory loss
•    Headaches
•    Chronic cold symptoms
•    Frequent bloody nose
•    Persistent coughing
•    Chest pain
•    Hives
•    Skin redness/rashes

Home Mold & Defective Building Lawsuits

Many building and water damage issues are the result of carelessness and cost-cutting. Low-cost contractors may be unprofessional, and may hide defects or mistakes. Many home defects will inevitably fall outside of a home warranty or insurance policy. Faulty construction is often excluded from homeowners’ policies.

It is prudent to contact an experienced real estate attorney to assist in identifying and assessing the issues, developing a plan to remedy water damage defects, and to protect a home investment.

To build a solid case, experts and environmental testing might be necessary to determine the extent of the problem. Once established, however, mold can be clearly linked to water intrusion and home defects. Valid claims typically bring about settlements that fully compensate homeowners for damages incurred.

Ohio Construction Defects Lawyer

Construction Defects and mold-related illness attorney, mold and water damage

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