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Manufacturers of electronics have a duty to produce consumer products that perform as intended. False advertising lawsuits have been filed when defective electronics fail to work properly, or cause severe injury. Companies have been hit with failure to warn suits when electronics pose a safety risk and the labeling does not properly reflect the hazard.

Consumers have a right to purchase electronics without design defects or malfunctioning electronics. If a consumer is injured by an electronic device or buys a defective electronic product, they should consider legal action and contact a product liability attorney to investigate.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Cincinnati, Ohio consumer product safety attorney and Product Liability Lawyer well-versed in filing defective product claims against negligent manufacturers.

Defective Electronics Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits may be filed when thousands of consumers purchase the same or similar defective products, which either cause injury or fail to perform as advertised. Computers, cameras, cell phones, kitchen appliances, televisions, headphones and other defective electronics are put to market without being properly tested by third parties.

Some manufacturers put their electronics on shelves that are missing certain components that consumers assume are included, such as software that is critical to the normal function of the product. Deceptive marketing of electronics can lead to class action lawsuits.

Electronics corporations will often rush new models to market because their competitor has newly released a similar product. When this occurs, a company may be tempted to boast of a newly improved product that is actually the same as the previous model. False advertising claims can compensate consumers and hit deceptive electronics producers with punitive damages.

In other cases, electronics manufacturers know their products are defective and still sell them in the face of consumer complaints, many times trying to avoid warranties.

State and federal consumer protection laws provide consumers with legal remedies for purchasing dangerous or defective electronics that cause injury or malfunction. If a product is defective, a valid warranty may not be necessary.

Class Action Product Defect Lawsuits

Consumers may file a product liability class action lawsuit, representing all consumers that purchased the same defective electronics. A class action lawsuit may force a corporation settle and limit the public relations disaster that is likely. Defective electronic settlements have been reached for the following products:

Defective Headphones Class Action

A class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of plaintiffs, alleging Bose Corporation misled consumers about its wireless sports headphones. Bose said the headphones were sweat- and water-resistant and able to operate for hours on a single charge. Bose claimed the headphones offered five to six hours of listening on a single charge, though consumers have not seen the same product results.

Attorneys argued in the lawsuit that the Bose SoundSport, SoundSport Free and SoundSport Pulse wireless rechargeable headphones are defective in design and do not function as advertised. Class action attorneys argue that other companies have also misrepresented their headphones and defrauded consumers with false advertising.

Lawyers alleged in the defective headphone case that the Bose headphones “do not withstand exposure to even minimal amounts of sweat or moisture.” Citing customers’ complaints, the lawsuit claims Bose offered replacement headphones that contain the same design defects.

Apple has also been targeted in a class action lawsuit, with plaintiffs claiming its Powerbeats headphones stop working when they come into contact with sweat or water. The claim also reported fraud-based claims related to the headphones’ battery life. Plaintiffs sued Apple in 2017, saying Apple’s wireless Powerbeats 2 and 3 headphones malfunction and fail to hold a charge when used during exercise.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT wireless headphone owners filed a class action lawsuit that claimed that the headphones were falsely advertised. According to the complaint, the headphones regularly fail to hold a charge due to battery defects.

Defective Computers

Consumers have filed suits due to companies manufacturing defective computers, PCs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, cameras and other defective electronics. Consumers ultimately become the testing subjects for companies who fail to properly test their products before they are sold.

In some cases, manufacturers know their products are defective and still release them, only recalling them after so many consumer complaints. State and federal laws provide consumers with legal remedies for products that are falsely advertised. This is true in many cases after the product warranty period has expired.

Plaintiffs have filed class action defective computer lawsuits for owners of Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 notebook computers, Dell Inspiron 5150 notebooks, and others. Defective computers can show signs of malfunction, which include:

  • Continual rebooting
  • Constant crashes
  • Screen display issues
  • Battery problems
  • Faulty hard drives

Consumer Product Defect Lawyer

The Lyon Firm is committed to representing consumers who have been injured or deceived by defective products and electronic device recalls. Our attorneys work alongside industry experts and build a strong case against negligent corporations.

If you believe you have been a victim of misleading claims or false advertising, or have suffered an injury due to a defective electronic product, call to discuss your case. Manufacturers and retailers marketers have a responsibility to sell products that are safe, function properly and contain proper labeling. Any breach of duty can result in legal action.

Joe Lyon is a consumer protection attorney representing consumer product injury victims and plaintiffs nationwide in false advertising claims.

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