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A parent’s biggest fear may become a reality when their child is injured. Child injuries, however, can happen through no fault of the caretakers when a defective product fails to provide security. This is the case with many child products, namely defective baby carriers and other recalled consumer products.

Last year, thousands of defective baby carriers were recalled due to design and manufacturing defects, endangering children across the country. When manufacturers manufacture and distribute defective products, they may be liable for any injury and damage the product may cause. Baby products should be vigorously tested before they are sold to the public, though that is not always the case.

If your child has suffered an injury due to a baby carrier defect or from another faulty children’s product, contact a product liability attorney to investigate the root cause and seek compensation for the pain and suffering the accident has caused.

Joe Lyon is an experienced consumer safety and product liability lawyer investigating accidents and injuries related to defective children’s products on the market.

Defective Baby Carriers Recalled

One notable 2018 baby carrier recall involved the LÍLLÉ Baby Active Series product, which were designed to be worn by the caretaker with the baby strapped into either the front or back position. The specific model of recalled baby carriers are the Active Series-Pro 6 in 1 in Space Dye Cobalt and Space Dye Grey.

The carriers present a safety hazard because the sliding chest-clip strap can detach from the shoulder strap, posing a fall and injury hazard. The recall was initiated in November 2018 and around 6,600 units were recalled.

An additional carrier recall involves the Eddie Bauer fabric infant carriers, which were recalled in October 2018. The First Adventure carriers posed a fall hazard as the buckles could break. Around 22,000 Eddie Bauer fabric infant carriers were recalled. There were at least eight reported incidents of broken buckles.

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