Invasion of Privacy Attorney and Ohio Data Breach Lawyer reviews class action security breach lawsuits and represents plaintiffs nationwide

Security and data breaches are an issue plaguing dozens of companies that store customers’ personal information online. Several high-profile security breach incidents have drawn security negligence into question, and attorneys and victims are holding the responsible parties accountable for leaked financial information, credit scores, credit card numbers, bank information and other confidential information.

Companies like Facebook, Yahoo, Exactis, Target, Anthem, and others have suffered data breaches in the last couple years and have spawned dozens of class action data breach lawsuits that seek to compensate affected users and customers for the damage and stress it has caused in their lives.

Security breach settlements have recovered millions of dollars for victims. If you have been a victim of a security breach, contact an Ohio data breach lawyer to discuss the possible legal recourse and litigation process.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Ohio data breach lawyer and Privacy Attorney representing plaintiffs nationwide in class action security breach lawsuits.

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Regardless of the reason for a security breach—whether a person or group gains access to confidential information for financial or political gain—victims have the right to file a claim against a company for failing to protect their information, and can lead to a class action lawsuit. Companies must exercise reasonable care in protecting customers’ information, and if they do not, they can be held liable for the damages that result, including identity theft.

Security breach victims and Ohio data breach lawyer teams representing plaintiffs have been able to settle multi-million dollar recoveries. If you or a loved one suffered financial losses from a data breach, contact an Ohio data breach lawyer for a free consultation.

Biggest Data Breaches & Class Action Settlements

In June 2017, America’s largest insurance company, Anthem, agreed to a $115 million settlement after a security breach compromised the private data of 80 million customers. Healthcare organizations are reporting a steep rise in data breaches, and the situation could worsen.

In March 2016, Home Depot paid $19.5 million to consumers in a data breach settlement. Home Depot agreed to pay $25 million to banks and credit card companies in the following year.

Facebook announced in 2018 that a data breach leaked information from over 50 million users. Class action lawsuits are pending.

Marriott announced up to 500 million customer accounts compromised in a data breach in 2018.

Fiat Chrysler is facing a class action lawsuit over a security breach involving its Jeep vehicles and defective software.

Healthcare Security Breach Lawsuits

The rise of healthcare hacks have left millions of patients vulnerable to stolen info and identity theft. The vast majority of hospitals and health insurance companies have reported data breaches, and although it is unknown what can be done with medical data, patient’s financial data can easily be used in nefarious ways.

Other large data breach settlements include:

  • Target: $10 million
  • Sony (PlayStation data breach): $15 million
  • Ashley Madison: $11.6 million
  • Sony (employee security breach): $8 million
  • Stanford University Hospital: $4.1 million

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