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Truck-related accidents are not only extremely perilous events, but often very complex legal matters as well. Following a serious truck accident, where a commercial transport vehicle and driver may be liable for damages, there can be several unanswered questions that only a thorough investigation can uncover. The factors involved in truck liability are numerous, and may include driver error, defective truck parts like brakes and tires, missing safety features on trucks like underride rails and reflectors, driver fatigue, and improperly keep log books, which are required by law.

Digging more into the employers and driver’s history, and looking at log books can assist victims and lawyers build a compelling case against those responsible for injuries. The goal is to determine who is responsible, and recover compensation for medical costs and other damages. This may require an in-depth investigation into a specific trucker’s record and actions leading up to the crash.

Following trucking accidents, a driver and carrier’s records regarding hours of service and vehicle maintenance can be very telling. It is prudent to hire an experienced Ohio trucking accident lawyer to assist you.

The Lyon Firm has the resources and experience required to assist you in filing a claim and lead you through a difficult legal process. Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Ohio personal injury attorney and trucking accident lawyer, experienced in investigating and settling truck and traffic accident claims nationwide.

Truck Driver Logbooks & Ohio Accidents

Logbooks and other trucking company data obtained during the investigation process can be just as important as witness testimony. Experts can thoroughly analyze logbooks for accuracy because it is not uncommon for commercial truck drivers to falsify logbooks for various reasons. If inaccuracies are found in your case, you may use them as evidence of the driver’s negligence.

Drivers in Ohio are legally required to keep a daily record of when they are off duty, on duty, driving, and sleeping. The logs show when truckers are behind the wheel, which matters because the federal government regulates how much time truckers are allowed to drive in a given day. Truck drivers are limited to driving 10 hours after eight consecutive hours off. Property-carrying drivers may drive a maximum of 11 hours after 10 hours off duty. Also, drivers must take rest breaks at specified intervals.

A driver who does not follow the regulations is likely to drive when tired and increase the risk of an accident.

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Trucking Accident Lawyer Reviews Inaccurate Driver Logs

For financial reasons, truckers often mark down times that make it look like they slept more than they actually did. Nonetheless, it is possible to catch truckers falsifying their books with certain measures like the following:

Black box data: It is possible to compare logbooks to a truck’s black box data, which indicates when the truck was traveling and when it was at rest.

GPS data: GPS data can tell you where the truck was at specific times.

Mileage on the Odometer: Hard evidence of mileage is difficult to argue.

Similar trip history: Many truckers in Ohio make the same trips over and over. If one trip looks different on log books it is important to investigate why.

Driver, Dispatcher, Carrier and Witness testimony: employees of the truck carrier can help determine if the logs reflect the truth.

Video footage: Like witness testimony, video footage and photos can prove a trucker was traveling if they noted in a logbook that they were off duty.

Trucking Accident Lawyer Filing Injury Claims

The Lyon Firm is dedicated to representing injured motorists involved in Ohio truck accidents due to trucking negligence, falsifying log books, fatigued driving, overloading freight, failure to maintain trucks or reckless driving. Holding trucking companies responsible for accidents can recover costs related to medical expenses, pain and suffering, long-term disability and other damages.

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