Ohio Trucking Accident Attorney and truck tire blowouts lawyer reviews the causes of tire blowouts for injured plaintiffs nationwide

Commercial trucks and semis experience tire failure on a regular basis. The causes may vary in big rig tire complications but the result is generally the same: dangerous accidents occur and endanger motorists and passengers. Truck tire blowouts are extremely dangerous because of debris flying all over the roadways. The loss of vehicle control which is likely for both truckers and surrounding drivers.

Tire manufacturers have a duty to produce and distribute a safe product, and trucking companies have a duty to ensure that they properly maintain their rigs and equipment to prevent accidents and fatalities. Should tire manufacturers and trucking companies fail to protect those on America’s roadways and an accident occurs, they may be held liable for negligent manufacturing or negligent truck operating.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated truck accident attorney and truck tire blowouts lawyer reviewing truck tire blowouts and subsequent accidents for plaintiffs nationwide.

Ohio Trucking Negligence & Truck Accident Injury

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) released a study on Large Truck Crash Causation to determine semi-truck accident causes. The FMCSA reviewed about 142,000 large truck accidents and roughly 8,000 of the accidents, or over 5 percent of the total crashes, were caused by truck tire blowouts.

Around 80 percent of all truck tire blowouts are caused by tread deterioration and tread separation of an under-inflated tire.

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Cause of Ohio Truck Tire Blowouts

Truck tire blowouts can result from driver negligence or trucking company mismanagement. Common causes of tire blowouts include:

  • Truck Driver Error: drivers hitting a curb or object can damage a tire, or they can fail to properly inflate tires.
  • Improperly Installed Tires: qualified mechanics and tire professionals make errors and increase the likelihood of tire blowouts.
  • Infrequent Vehicle Inspections: commercial truck tires should be inspected on a daily basis. Mechanics and drivers may be held liable if they fail to detect and repair damaged tires during inspections.
  • Overloaded Trucks: Companies overload trucks to save money, but endanger everyone on the road. Overloading can cause truck tire blowouts.
  • Defective Tires: negligent tire manufacturers can be held liable in product liability lawsuits.

Truck Tire Blowouts Lawyer & Ohio Truck Accident Lawsuits

Tire defects may result from design flaws or manufacturing flaws. Defective tires may have belt defects, tread separation defects, sidewall failure, improper inflation instructions, or unsuitable tires on commercial vehicles. Tire failure from tire defects cause of over 11,000 road accidents in the United States every year.

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