KTM Recalls Motorcycles Due to Throttles and Sudden Acceleration Injury Claims

According to KTM statements, product liability attorneys and sudden acceleration injury victims, a throttle issue on affected models of KTM dirt bikes caused an unintended acceleration, and the bike was recalled as a result.

The throttle problem included issues with the throttle cable wheel and the top of the throttle housing, leading to the throttle sticking and potential sudden acceleration injury to those riding the motorcycles.

The KTM defect is likely to cause a loss of control, greatly increasing the risk of a crash and injury. KTM stated that the safety issue was due to a problematic throttle housing from a supplier.

A replacement throttle has been ordered by the company but only after serious consumer injury reports. KTM and KTM dealers may be liable for damages and sudden acceleration injury caused by the throttle issue.

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KTM Recalled Over Sudden Acceleration

The KTM and Husaberg recall includes 13 models of competition dirt bikes, closed-course and off-road motorcycles. The 2013 KTM models recalled include: 85 SX, 85 SXS, 125 SX, 150 SX, 150 XC, 200 XC-W, 250 SX, 250 XC, 250 XC-W, 300 XC and 300 XC-W. The 2012 and 2013 Husaberg models include: TE 250 and TE 300.

Other motorcycles have been recalled for unintended acceleration and throttle defects. The 2014 Yamaha FZ-09, a popular street bike, was recalled after severe injuries and report of a throttle and electronic issue caused the bike’s users to report “twitchy” and “jerky” throttle response, and speed surging. Yamaha did not notify owners of the 2014 FZ-09 of the safety issue before injuries occurred and the problem was fixed.

Motorcycles carry an inherent safety and injury risk, and a defective throttle only further complicates road safety. Unintended acceleration and throttle defects can be more severe and dangerous on motorcycles than automobiles. Even wearing a helmet and protective gear may not be enough to prevent injury following a throttle defect road accident.

Motorcycle Throttle Defects

A Texas man was thrown off a Yamaha motorcycle in 2016, after a sudden acceleration, causing the bike to shoot off without warning after he made a short turn. The man fell from the motorcycle and was paralyzed from the fall. Product Liability lawyers stated that Yamaha knew the throttle on the bike carried risk of unintended acceleration.

Yamaha’s computer-based throttle calculates response instead of controlled by the operator with a mechanical cable, creating unusual throttle behavior, according to the lawsuit. Yamaha failed to notify owners of the defective motorcycles and resulted in at least one catastrophic injury.

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