Ohio Property Damage Lawyer Reviews Storm Damage & Insurance Bad Faith Claims for plaintiffs nationwide

In Ohio each year, thousands of homes, businesses and vehicles are damaged by heavy winds, rainstorms, hail, tornadoes, ice storms and flooding. Property damages measure in the hundreds of millions in Ohio, making it necessary for insurance providers to cover thousands of storm damage claims.

It may be necessary to hire an Ohio property damage lawyer to hold and insurance company accountable.

Far too often, residents and business owners are maltreated by their insurance companies that deny, delay or underpay property damage claims.

The law is clear, however: When insurance companies do not respond to phone calls or emails; when they deny good property damage claims, and fail to provide adequate appraisals, they may be in breach of contract.

Insurance companies have a long history of bad faith and underpaying or denying storm and property damage claims, which often results in leaving property and business owners in a dire financial position.

It has been reported that insurance companies routinely underpay storm claims up to 90 percent of the storm damage claims’ full value.

When this happens to you, it may require legal action to obtain a fair settlement and to receive the compensation you deserve. The Lyon Firm is prepared to challenge insurance companies who do not fulfill their duties by failing to pay claims from the following:

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated and experienced Ohio property damage lawyer, well-versed in the economic impact that unpaid insurance claims have on individuals and businesses.

Recently, a Hamilton County jury awarded a Lyon Firm client $850,000.00 for an insurance bad faith lawsuit against Ohio Auto Owners Insurance. The pre-trial offer was $10,000.00.  

Ohio Storm Property Damage Claims

Whether you are dealing with damage to vehicles, homes, businesses, warehouses, factories or rental properties, time is always of the essence. It is crucial to repair damages as soon as possible so further inclement weather cannot add to the damage.

Damaged roofs, walls and windows must be repaired or replaced soon after initially damaged. Otherwise, an owner may be in a position where their home is unlivable, their car is inoperable and their business cannot function. Some examples of storm damage to properties include:

  • Electrical damage
  • Fire damage
  • Siding blown off properties
  • Commercial goods damaged
  • Hail damage to vehicles
  • Gutters
  • Fencing
  • Roofs torn off
  • Broken windows
  • Dented doors
  • Shingle damage

It is important to note that heavy storms and high winds can cause catastrophic damage and also undetectable damage that may appear long after the storm.

A structure may suffer micro-fractures in the paint, siding, and roofing that will worsen over time. Sometimes damage is not easily detected by visual inspection. Windows in particular can easily be compromised and the seals broken, and you may not know until months or years later. It is recommended to hire a professional to assess storm damage.

Unlawful Tactics Employed by Insurance Companies

When property owners file insurance claims to repair damaged homes, businesses and vehicles, they are frequently shocked to discover how insurers avoid properly uphold policy terms.

Improper insurance company behavior poses a great burden to homeowners and business owners facing damages from rain and wind storms, tornadoes, hail damage and flooding. Some examples of poor insurance company behavior include:

  • Delayed Payment—storm damage claims are often delayed so long that policyholders are forced to fix serious damage to home and businesses out-of-pocket.
  • Lack of Investigation—insurance companies may not answer phone calls or emails in a timely manner, or fail to properly investigate or defend a storm damage claim.
  • Claim Underpayment—insurance companies frequently pay victims of storm damage less than their policy stipulates. If an insurance company underpays insurance claims without a good reason, it is acting in bad faith.

Cincinnati Property Damage Lawyer

Policyholders most likely have very busy lives and cannot spend months negotiating with insurance companies over a settlement. When insurance companies fail to make good on policy terms, property owners have no choice but to take legal action.

The Lyon Firm represents policyholders throughout Ohio on behalf of individuals and businesses involved in storm damage disputes. We seek compensation for our clients, as well as file punitive damages against unethical and unlawful insurance companies.

The Lyon Firm has experience engaging insurance companies and recovering storm damage claims. If your car, home or business has been damaged, and have questions about the legal remedies available to receive fair compensation from an insurance company, contact The Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403. You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, a Cincinnati property damage lawyer, and he will help you answer these critical questions.