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Insurance policyholders turn to their insurance agents for help during the worst of times, when recovering from serious property damage to cars, homes and businesses. Major storms and natural disasters often cause water damage and flooding, wind damage, and hail damage to personal property.

This is the very reason responsible car, home, and business owners purchase insurance—for protection. However, some insurance companies are known to fight every claim, and try to deny claims by finding loopholes in your policy and make it extremely difficult to recover the costs of damage that you are owed under contract.

Property owners and policy holders need prompt payment on their insurance claims to repair or replace damaged property and to move forward with their lives. Unfortunately, rightful insurance claims are denied when insurance companies act in bad faith. It is not uncommon for claim payments to be delayed for months or years, or until the company is threatened with a lawsuit.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Cincinnati insurance bad faith lawyer, well-versed in the economic impact that unpaid insurance claims have on individuals and businesses. 

Insurer Responsibilities

An insurance policy is a binding contract between a policyholder and an insurance company. In exchange for the payment of premiums an insurance company agrees to the following:

  • Provide all coverage described in the specific policy
  • Communicate clearly when a claim is filed
  • Act fairly, promptly and in good faith toward policyholders
  • Consider the interests of its policyholders, and not merely its own financial interests

Types of Insurance Bad Faith

The most obvious type of bad faith from an insurance company is the outright denial of payment from a valid property damage claim. The company or agent may cite a vague reason for the denial or avoid discussing the situation directly until a policyholder takes legal action against them. Other forms of bad faith include the following:

  • Unreasonably Delayed Payment—claims can be delayed so long that policyholders cannot wait to fix serious damage and have to pay for home or car repairs out of pocket.
  • Lack of Attention and Investigation—insurance companies may fail to properly investigate or defend a claim.
  • Underpayment of Claim—insurance companies frequently pay the insured less than the policy stipulates. If an insurance company underpays insurance claims without a good reason, and ignores obvious costs and estimates, it may be acting in bad faith.
  • Mental Health Treatment Denials

Contact a Cincinnati Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

It should go without saying that not every denied claim amounts to insurance bad faith, though if you have assessed the situation and found a breach of contract from an insurance company, you may have a bad faith claim. When an insurance company acts in an unreasonable manner and is simply protecting their own financial well-being, it should be held accountable and may be sued.

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Policyholders most likely have very busy lives and cannot spend months negotiating with insurance companies over the amount of the insurance settlement. They often are forced to take the low-ball offers or nothing at all, unless they contact an experienced attorney to assist in recoveries.

The Lyon Firm  and your Cincinnati insurance bad faith lawyer represents policyholders throughout Ohio in insurance bad faith litigation on behalf of individuals and businesses involved in coverage disputes. We seek compensation for our clients, as well as punitive damages against unethical and unlawful insurance companies.

The Lyon Firm has experience engaging insurance companies and recovering damage claims. If your car, home or business has been damaged, and have questions about the legal remedies available to receive fair compensation from an insurance company, contact The Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403.

You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, a Cincinnati insurance bad faith lawyer, and he will help you answer critical questions regarding insurance bad faith.