Defective Car Jacks Cause Serious Injury

For the last 40-plus years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has initiated millions of recalls of automobiles and auto-related components and parts, including car jacks and ramps.

Some recalled car jacks have been sold with specific cars, and others sold individually. The dangerous products have one thing in common: they had safety-related defects or were not produced to federal motor vehicle safety standards.

Even with many years of quality assurance and lawsuits that target companies that market and distribute faulty products, many cars and auto parts make it to the American market only to be recalled because of defects. The majority of recalls for vehicle defects are ordered after only after a manufacturer is pressured by sustained injuries and legal action.

According to an article published in Forbes, thousands of people are seriously injured each year when using a car jack or similar type of hoist. The study cited in the article indicated that 40 percent of car jack failures occur while the jack is being used to lift the entire body of a vehicle off the ground, while 19 percent of car jack failures occur when the car is only partially being lifted for tire maintenance.

Around 18 percent of the jack failings were linked to pressure loss in the jack, which means the jack could no longer support the vehicle. Common injuries following car jack accidents include amputations, head and neck injuries, lacerations and crush injuries.

If you have been injured by an accident involving a car jack or ramp, and suspect a defective product, seek medical attention, and contact an experienced attorney.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Cincinnati Catastrophic Injury and Ohio product liability lawyer representing plaintiffs nationwide in a wide variety of consumer product liability and automobile defect cases. 

Is My Car Jack Defective?

A good measure of an inherent defect is if a product fails to work in the manner for which it was intended. Even so, to prove a product is defective, the use of auto experts may be required.

Experts can investigate and determine the type of metal used, manufacturing process and design process. Products like car jacks can be defective as part of a defective design, a defective production process, or for inadequate labeling and instructions.

  • Design & Manufacturing Defect: Jack stands and ramps can be defectively designed and liability can be imposed on the manufacturer. Manufacturing defects may exist where the product that came off of a manufacturer’s floor improperly assembled.
  • Labeling Defects: Products can be deemed defective because of an improperly placed label, or a label that contains improper information. For example, if the car jack states that it has a weight capacity of 4,000 pounds and it can only safely hold 2,000 pounds, a lawsuit is warranted. Other defects can include inadequate instructions on how to operate the jack or does not state conditions or places.

Defective Car Jack Lawsuits

As trusting consumers, we use common machinery and auto equipment and expect to remain safe. It is reasonable to expect everyday devices to work. However, when they fail and cause serious injury or death, the manufacturer or distributor that sells the devices may be held liable for damages.

Injuries resulting from a defective tire replacement machine can be devastating. Bone fractures, crush injuries, head and spinal injuries and orthopedic trauma can result. An experienced product liability and personal injury lawyer can assist in evaluating the causes of an injury. To build a strong product liability case, there must be evidence that the design of the car jack was defective or a manufacturing defect existed. The Lyon Firm works closely with design experts to trace the defect back to a design or manufacturing source.

Compensation can be awarded for past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, as well as punitive damages against a company for disregard for the safety of consumers.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to a defective car jacks, and have questions about the legal remedies available to improve quality of life and medical care in Ohio, contact The Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403. You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, and he will help you answer critical questions regarding defective car jacks.