Ohio Burn Injury Lawyer and Consumer Safety Attorney reviews Cincinnati burn care centers and the legal recourse following burn injuries

Regardless of the root cause of a burn injury, victims deserve the best possible burn treatment following an accident. Any severe burn injury will require careful medical attention, and it is prudent to seek emergency care as soon as possible.

Burn injuries can range from minor to life-threatening, and are often treated in the same professional burn treatment facilities. Cincinnati burn care and burn treatment options include the following:

University of Cincinnati Medical Center Burn Center–The UC Health Burn Center provides advanced care for the treatment of burns in adults. The center features plastic/reconstructive surgeons with the expertise to help patients heal with the best outcomes

Shriners Hospitals for Children —Shriners Hospital is known as an elite Cincinnati burn care unit, recognized nationwide in the level of top burn treatment for young patients. Skin grafts and reconstruction surgery are offered.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Ohio Burn Injury Attorney and Fire Safety Advocate reviewing Cincinnati Burn Units and investigating the root cause of burn injuries and accidents for plaintiffs nationwide. 

Cincinnati Burn Care Centers & Treatment

Cincinnati burn centers will offer specific treatments depending on the severity and the type of patient burn. Pain management, skin grafts, plastic and reconstruction surgery may be necessary at some point. Third-degree burns may require the application of a synthetic skin.

Wound care is generally focused on the cleaning of burns to prevent any infection that can complicate an injury. Antibiotics may be used in some cases. Scarring is a major concern with any burn, and tissue preservation is a top priority.

Burn Injury & Accidents

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