Ohio Product Liability Attorney and Consumer Protection Lawyer Investigating Vehicle Repair Negligence

Vehicle accidents can result from multiple contributing factors.  It is well known that distracted driving, intoxication, speeding, fatigue and defective auto products may cause an vehicle accidents.  Less recognized are accidents that result from vehicle repair negligence. Auto repair shops and auto dealerships are often able to diagnose and correct a defective issue before an accident occurs.

Where a defective vehicle condition is not identified or corrected; where the mechanic fails to warn the customer; where the mechanic performs the wrong service; or  where the mechanic installs a part incorrectly, the driver, passengers and other members of the traveling public are placed at an increased risk for injury and death.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated and experienced Ohio product liability lawyer with success in auto repair negligence claims.  The Lyon Firm works with accident reconstructionist, biomechanical engineers, mechanics, and forensic engineers to investigate and determine the root cause of the vehicle accident. Often there are more factors involved that the injured party initially realizes. 

If you have questions about a vehicle accident, and may suspect vehicle repair negligence,  contact Joe Lyon at (800) 513-2403 for a no-cost consultation.  The Lyon Firm will help you answer difficult question. 

Auto Repair Negligence Cases

Failure to Diagnose Defective Suspension: Quadriplegia and Wrongful Death. (Youngstown, Ohio). Confidential Settlement provided for more comprehensive medical care, end stage care, and emotional closure for surviving spouse of thirty years.

Extensive litigation demonstrated that the auto dealership had failed to diagnose and repair a defective right -rear trailing arm despite evidence of damage. Notably, the new car was unable to be properly aligned and the alignment test showed the right rear tire was out of specifications.  Despite the test results and customer complaints, the auto dealership maintained the car was safe to drive and did not require additional work.  However,  the auto dealer never warned the driver of the issue. It was then proven that the damage to the trailing arm was a significant contributing factor is causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle in a one car accident.  Following discovery and mediation, the case was resolved for a confidential seven figure amount.

Vehicle Repair Negligence Lawsuits

  • Failure to diagnose suspension damage
  • Failure to diagnose tire tread ware
  • Negligent repair or installment of tires
  • Negligent repair or installment of trailing arm
  • Damaging the braking system during repair
  • Negligent installation of an air bag
  • Failure to warn of a dangerous aspect of the car

Auto Repair Negligence Injuries