Polaris ATV Recall Lawyer & Ohio Burn Injury Lawsuits
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Polaris ATV Recall Lawyer & Ohio Burn Injury Lawsuits

Ohio Product Liability Attorney and Polaris ATV Recall Lawyer investigating injuries related to Defective Polaris ATVs for plaintiffs nationwide

Since 2016, Polaris has recalled more than 550,000 vehicles due to fire hazards and other safety hazards. Attorneys and experts say the company knew about the source of these problems for years before taking action, which has prompted a series of class action lawsuits.

Recently, defective heat shields have been reportedly responsible for 150 fires, 11 burns, one death and a 10-acre wildfire. In 2013, Polaris learned of defective heat shields on their RZR Polaris ROVs. Although Polaris was aware of the bad parts and potential for rider injury, the issue wasn’t addressed until a 15-year-old rider was killed when the ATV caught fire in 2015. Around 10 more injured riders and five additional fires were reported over the next year.

In September 2016 Polaris notified the Consumer Products Safety Commission of the defect and issued a recall of 100,000 RTR and Ranger vehicles.

Joe Lyon is an experienced product liability attorney and Ohio Polaris ATV Recall Lawyer representing injured plaintiffs in ATV accidents and ROV defect lawsuits. 

Polaris ATV Recall Lawyer & ROV Accidents

The safety issues for Polaris ATV and ROV vehicles continue. Another 100,000 vehicles in December 2017 were recalled for defective heat shields surrounding the exhaust, creating fire hazards.

Polaris was fined $27 million for failing to notify the CPSC in a timely manner of the heat shield issue. The penalty settles charges that Polaris failed to immediately report to CPSC that models of RZR and Ranger recreational off-road vehicles contained defects that could create a substantial product safety hazard. The Polaris ATV recalls have cost Polaris $340 million in warranty costs over the last two years.

Polaris and the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a statement declaring that certain Polaris models (RZR 900 and 1000) prone to combust, and some ATVs that had been recalled and repaired had later ignited, resulting in the total loss of the vehicle.

Design flaws have shown up in several Polaris models and the company has issued dozens of Polaris ATV recalls. Polaris has termed these burn hazards “thermal hazards,” a soft euphemism for the tendency of RZRs, Rangers, Turbos, Generals, Slingshots, and snowmobiles to catch fire. Polaris RZR 900 and RZR 1000 models are still at risk of catching fire and injuring Ohio consumers.

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