PAM Cooking Spray Lawyer & Burn Injury Settlements
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PAM Cooking Spray Lawyer & Burn Injury Settlements

Product Liability PAM Cooking Spray Lawyer and Catastrophic Burn Injury Attorney reviewing cooking spray accidents on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide

Cooking spray explosions are unexpected, to say the least. But the more reports that come out each month regarding PAM cans exploding, the more consumer safety attorneys are questioning the product in question.

PAM cooking spray canisters are obviously meant to be used in the kitchen, or on the grill–in any case, around heat and fire. Yet the product can be extremely flammable, and PAM cans explode with some regularity. When PAM cooking explosions occur, it is important to report the incidents to safety authorities, and if an injury has been sustained, your attorney may be able to reach a PAM burn injury settlement.

Numerous burn injury lawsuits have been filed on behalf of plaintiffs injured in cooking spray explosion accidents. The injury and product liability claims argue that cans of Sysco, Wellsley Farms and PAM cooking spray do not provide an adequate warning for potential kitchen explosion accidents, and that the canisters themselves are inherently defective in design.

Third-degree burn injuries have been reported by victims of PAM cooking spray accidents, and flames have engulfed plaintiffs in commercial and residential kitchens. The stories of survivors sound similar, each shocked that a can of cooking spray near a heat source could explode without warning. Many of the cases of PAM accidents note that the cooking spray can was sitting nearby a stove when the explosion and burn injuries were sustained.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Product Liability Attorney and PAM cooking spray lawyer reviewing cooking spray explosion lawsuits for injured plaintiffs nationwide.

Each PAM cooking spray explosion incident may be similar, but your case and your injury is unique. The Lyon Firm treats each plaintiff with compassion and aims to build the strongest case possible.

PAM Cooking Spray Explosions

The largest number of cooking spray explosion incidents and lawsuits involve PAM cooking spray, though cans of Sysco and Wellsley Farms cooking spray have also exploded in kitchens, leading to serious burn injuries.

Burns to the face, head, neck, torso and arms have been common in exploding PAM can accidents. Permanent nerve damage and scarring have been seen, and some burn cases have been life-threatening. ConAgra, the manufacturer of PAM cooking spray products, has denied that their product presents unnecessary dangers and argues that their current warning label is sufficient. They claim that cooking sprays can be used safely, and put the blame on injured consumers when cooking spray cans explode.

Joe Lyon is a PAM cooking spray lawyer, representing burn victims nationwide following PAM cooking spray explosions. He explains in the video below why the PAM products, which have been redesigned but not recalled, are particularly dangerous:

PAM Cooking Spray Lawyer & Burn Injury Lawsuits

ConAgra, Sysco and Wellsley Farms have been under pressure from the media and law firms representing injured plaintiffs following cooking spray accidents. No product liability cases have gone to trial as of yet, however, attorneys will seek compensation related to medical expense costs, pain and suffering, long-term disability, and also punitive damages for the negligence of food companies who manufacture and sell defective products that injure consumers.

Conagra has released statements that deny responsibility for their kitchen products exploding and causing severe injuries. The company claims the PAM cooking spray cans are safe if used as intended. Plaintiffs and consumer protection attorneys argue that cooking spray is meant to be used in the kitchen near heat sources and the onus is on the manufacturer to design and produce a safer product for consumers. However, many corporate entities only see the bottom line, and aim first to please shareholders, rather than place consumer safety at the forefront of their business model.

PAM Explosions & Burn Injury Lawsuits

Following an injury, clearly the most important thing is to seek medical attention, and treat burn injuries with utmost care. At the same time, some victims may be considering legal action, and filing a product liability claim against Conagra or another producer of cooking spray. Some frequently asked questions include:

Why Do PAM Cans Explode? An investigation will be necessary in every burn injury case, but the short answer is PAM cans explode because they are too close to heat sources, product defects, as a failure to warn consumers about the safety hazards of the product.

Has PAM been Recalled? No, Conagra has not recalled PAM cooking sprays, though they did adjust the design of many cans that have been implicated in burn injury cases. The company said the design change had nothing to do with cooking spray accidents, however. Conagra insists the product is still safe to use as intended, and more PAM can explosion cases are being reported each month.

Why File a Lawsuit? There are two good reasons to file a lawsuit following any injury caused by a defective consumer product. First, it is important for plaintiffs to receive rightful compensation to help pay for medical expenses, lost earnings, pain and suffering and emotional distress. Second, companies who release a dangerous product and refuse to recall the product following a series of injuries, can not be forced to show consumer compassion, but can be forced to pay large fines and punitive damages for their lack of concern for consumer safety.

Why Choose The Lyon Firm? Joe Lyon has built his firm around consumer safety litigation. When a product is unsafe and causes injury, The Lyon Firm has the resources to investigate the matter fully, and work with industry experts to determine the root cause of an accident. Joe Lyon has years of experience engaging large corporations in product liability cases, and is proud to work on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide.

Joe Lyon is a Cincinnati, Ohio consumer protection PAM cooking spray lawyer and product liability attorney representing injured plaintiffs nationwide in PAM cooking spray burn injury accidents. The Lyon Firm specializes in consumer safety litigation and has experience engaging large corporations following injuries and accidents. Contact the Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403 for a free consultation.

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