PAM Burn Injury & Cooking Spray Explosion Lawsuits
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PAM Burn Injury & Cooking Spray Explosion Lawsuits

Plaintiffs and PAM burn injury victims filing lawsuits against Conagra following defective cooking spray accidents

Dozens of burn victims have reported exploding cooking spray canisters in home and commercial kitchens. The exploding PAM cans have underscored the need for more consumer safety oversight. Most federal safety authorities leave it to corporations to monitor the safety of their own products, which can lead to severe accidents and injuries when companies fail to properly test their products.

The Lyon Firm and several other plaintiffs have filed personal injury and product liability lawsuits, levied against Conagra, the maker of PAM and Wellsley Farm cooking spray. Reports of cooking spray explosions and kitchen accidents are mounting, and yet Conagra denies their product is faulty or presents a danger to consumers.

Pam cooking spray accidents and kitchen burn injuries have been severe, and several plaintiffs involved in PAM burn injury cases have been hospitalized and face permanent injury and scarring. At least one cooking spray explosion was caught on video, showing the terrifying potential of a consumer product that many Americas have in their kitchens.

Attorneys allege Conagra has not properly warned consumers of certain risks and that the PAM cooking spray cans are defective, and have a faulty vent system on the cans. Conagra has phased the design out of new cans, but no recall has been issued for the older cooking sprays.

Joe Lyon is an Ohio burn injury attorney and product liability lawyer representing plaintiffs in PAM Burn Injury lawsuits.

Conagra Lawsuits & PAM Burn Injury

Conagra has gone to great lengths to deny wrongdoing, and insists its cooking spray products are safe even after numerous kitchen accidents, explosions and serious third-degree burn injuries. A popular nationwide story about a New York woman injured by an exploding Wellsley Farms cooking spray can brought the serious safety issue to light for many Americans. The woman of Staten Island, New York, spent a month in the hospital with burns to 30 percent of her body.

Conagra has released the following statement:

“Please know the safety of our products and our consumers is always our top priority. When PAM is used correctly, as instructed, it is a 100-percent safe and effective product. PAM Cooking Sprays is used safely and properly by millions of people several times a day, every single day. The product has been used for more than 50 years for the baking, grilling and cooking needs of consumers everywhere.

All PAM Cooking Sprays include large, clear instructions, warnings and cautions on both the front and back of the packaging alerting consumers that the product should be used responsibly as it is flammable, and that it should not be left on a stove or near a heat source, should not be sprayed near an open flame, and should not be stored above 120°F. The vented can design in question, was used in market on a limited number of cans over the last several years.

We redesign packaging in the ordinary course of business, and just as we introduced the vented can years ago, we removed it from production, earlier this year, as we sought to standardize our cans across the entire aerosol cooking spray product line. So, that design is no longer in production. We fully stand by this product. To reiterate, when PAM is used correctly, as instructed, it is a 100-percent safe and effective product.”

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PAM Cooking Spray Explosions & Conagra Burn Injury Lawsuits

PAM Cooking Spray FAQ

Is PAM Safe to Use? In light of so many PAM cooking spray can explosions and subsequent burn injuries, it is difficult to say PAM is safe for consumer use. Some horrific burn injury cases indicate just how dangerous the product can be.

While Conagra says the product is still safe for using as intended, the PAM can explosions have occurred simply because the cans were overheated in the kitchen. Obviously, a cooking spray product is meant to be used in the kitchen, so it is logical to suggest there is a design defect in PAM cooking spray canisters.

Why File a Lawsuit? Taking legal action is not what most consumers want to do. But following a serious injury that resulted from a defective product, victims may be owed compensation for the injuries sustained.

Why Choose The Lyon Firm? The Lyon Firm specializes in product liability and consumer safety litigation. If any defective and unsafe product causes an injury, Mr. Lyon will work diligently for his plaintiff to recover settlements and rightful compensation. The firm takes all cases on a contingency basis.

Joe Lyon is a consumer protection attorney representing PAM burn injury victims and plaintiffs nationwide following cooking spray accidents. The Lyon Firm specializes in consumer safety litigation and has experience engaging large corporations following injuries and accidents. Contact the Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403 for a free consultation.

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