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Ohio Uber Attorney Reviewing Discrimination Lawsuits

Cincinnati Workplace Lawyer & Ohio Uber Attorney Investigating Sexual Discrimination Claims

Uber and Lyft have been targeted by several lawsuits in recent years for driver fatigue accidents, misclassification of employees, defective autonomous cars, and now for discriminatory hiring and illegal pay practices. Federal labor officials are currently investigating allegations in Ohio and nationwide that Uber discriminates against women in hiring and pay. If you have experienced sexual discrimination when working with Uber or Lyft, contact an Ohio Uber Attorney to review the case.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission started investigating Uber last year, and further discrimination claims have been reported to labor authorities and lawyers. Victims of discrimination at the workplace may be able to file lawsuits and recover rightful compensation.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Cincinnati labor lawyer and Ohio Uber attorney reviewing workplace discrimination cases nationwide.

Individual Discrimination Claims & Ohio Uber Attorney

The EEOC is examining whether Uber has intentionally and systematically paid women less than men and discriminated against women in their hiring process. Uber has faced numerous accusations of workplace sex discrimination and harassment, and management has pledged to reform the company. But just last week, a high-ranking Uber official resigned following accusations that she improperly handled complaints of racial discrimination

An Uber spokeswoman recently said that Uber had made changes in the past 18 months, including new salary and equity rules and a new performance-review process. Unfortunately, that may have come too later for some victims, and those affected by Uber’s faulty hiring practices may have a legal claims with a highly-rated Ohio Uber attorney.

Legal Action: Ohio Workplace Attorneys

It’s not only Uber tangled in lawsuits involving hiring and pay discrimination. Several other large American companies have settled lawsuits and compensated victims. Other corporations across Ohio and nationwide face federal inquiries regarding their hiring and pay practices. The Labor Department found a gender pay gap at Google, and workplace lawyers were able to hold the company accountable for their illegal behavior.

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If you have experienced Uber or Lyft hiring or pay discrimination, and have questions about the legal options available, contact an Ohio Uber Attorney at The Lyon Firm (800) 513-2403. You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, and he will help you answer these critical questions.

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