Ohio State Sexual Abuse Lawsuits & OSU Athlete Settlements
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Ohio State Sexual Abuse Lawsuits & OSU Athlete Settlements

Cincinnati Sexual Assault Attorney reviewing OSU athlete settlements and Ohio State sexual abuse lawsuits for victims and plaintiffs

The Ohio State University made a statement recently regarding a sexual assault investigation involving a team doctor accused of sexually abusing at least 177 men. The victims include many varsity athletes in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Ohio State says many school officials, including dozens of athletic department staff members, were aware of the doctor’s sexual abuse and did not attempt to stop it.

A 182-page report details how the team doctor, Richard Strauss, groped students, asked intimate sexual questions and performed sex acts while providing medical treatment on school grounds. There are eerily similar parallels between the OSU sexual abuse case and other sexual abuse scandals by doctors at other universities like Michigan State University and the University of Southern California. Michigan State settled with victims for $500 million, the largest university payout related to sexual assault.

The Ohio State University admits that school personnel knew about the accusations against Dr. Strauss as early as 1979. Some former students described the abuse as an “open secret” on campus. Athletes, coaches, trainers and other physicians knew about the Ohio State sexual abuse allegations and yet nobody was willing to alert authorities.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Ohio sexual assault attorney reviewing OSU athlete abuse settlements and Ohio State sexual abuse lawsuits on behalf of victims and plaintiffs.

Ohio State Sexual Abuse Settlements & Athlete Abuse Lawsuits

Dr. Strauss, who committed suicide in 2005, used his medical standing and supposed treatment offerings as a platform for athlete abuse. He was hardly subtle in his sexual assault, as it was so widespread and even had a tendency to shower with students. Some students actually did report sexual abuse to the athletic department but nothing came of the reports in the end, until last year. An investigation in 1994 dismissed the sexual abuse accusations against Dr. Strauss. No further action was taken by OSU to investigate the concerns until January 1996.

In 1996 Dr. Strauss was suspended and removed from his position at OSU, but remained a tenured faculty member. Dr. Strauss opened an off-campus clinic, and continued to abuse students. From 1979 to 1996 male students complained of Strauss’ medical behavior, saying routinely unnecessary genital exams were performed for almost any ailment. There are numerous Ohio State sexual abuse lawsuits pending against OSU.

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