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Ohio Scooter Accident Lawyer & E-Scooter Defects

Cincinnati Product Liability attorney and Ohio scooter accident lawyer reviews E-Scooter Defects for plaintiffs nationwide

More and more electric scooter accidents are being reported across the nation as many cities have rolled them out onto the streets with little to no safety instruction or protective equipment like helmets. Concussions, bone fractures and lacerations are common e-scooter accident injuries, and many injured victims are considering legal action to recover medical expenses and other damages.

Emergency rooms have noted a huge increase in the number of electric scooter accidents, and say they may outnumber bicycle and pedestrian accidents in both the sheer number and severity of injury. Many injuries are worsened because as few as four percent of riders are wearing helmet at the time of the accident.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Ohio Personal Injury Lawyer and Electric Scooter Accident lawyer reviews defective E-scooters for injured plaintiffs nationwide.

Electric Scooter Accidents & Consumer Safety

E-scooters are now offered to pedestrians by companies like Bird and Lime, though consumer safety experts argue the companies are not protecting their customers. Thousands of injuries have been reported, and several deaths have been linked to E-scooter accidents.

Personal injury lawyers have been collecting hundreds of accident cases just in the past year, many of which allege the E-scooters are unsafe and provide very little safe operation instruction and personal protective equipment. The design of the scooters also make for an unstable and vulnerable position for riders. They have a short wheelbase and small wheels which can make a small bump a challenge and accident risk.

Scooter companies require little or no training for first-time riders, and recommend riders bring their own helmet but provide none. Electric scooters can travel up to 15 miles per hour or faster, which can be faster than some expect.

Ohio Scooter Accident Lawyer & E-Scooter Lawsuits

Electric scooter accidents can result from rider negligence, unsafe pavement, E-scooter malfunction and design defects. Plaintiffs and personal injury lawyers argue that many of the most serious injuries can be prevented by taking more safety measures. Following electric scooter accidents, injured victims should preserve any evidence of scooter malfunction, injuries sustained and witness testimony.

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