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Ohio Juul Attorney: Vaping Lawsuits & Juul Addiction

Cincinnati Vaping Illness Lawyer and Ohio Juul Attorney reviews Vaping addiction lawsuits and severe respiratory injury for plaintiffs nationwide

Following hundreds of vaping injury cases, and on the heels of youth Juul addiction, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a stern warning to Juul Labs for their part in the public health crisis.

Juul Labs, the e-cigarette company currently dominating the market, has been accused of deceptive marketing practices that target young consumers. After many years of smoking addiction declines in the youth, vaping and e-cig devices have reversed those numbers. Vaping products like Juul pods have been marketed as “healthier” alternatives to cigarettes, though no long-term studies have been published to support that statement.

While the FDA is now questioning the safety of e-cigarettes, amidst a spate of severe lung disease cases, Juul says its product is safe. The company has also said its vaping devices are meant to alleviate smoking addiction, and are only meant for existing smokers.

Under severe legal pressure, Juul has recently discontinued the sales of fruity flavorings. Consumer safety advocates had been adamant that Juul labs markets dangerous vaping products to minors and teens with fruity flavoring and a device that is easy to conceal in schools.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Cincinnati, Ohio Juul attorney and Vaping illness lawyer investigating vaping injury cases and vaping addiction lawsuits for plaintiffs in Ohio and nationwide.

Juul Vaping Addiction

The FDA recently issued a warning letter to Juul, claiming the company violated federal regulations after marketing their vaping products as a “healthier” option. Teenage vaping addiction is seen as a huge health issue at the moment, and the CDC has also expressed concern with the potential long-term effects of vaping.

Hundreds of consumers have fallen ill after using vaping products, and at least five deaths may be linked to vaping. The health agency is trying to take an early stand, even as the vaping deaths are still under investigation. Even so, the Juul Attorney is reaching a head and Juul Labs is a target in many vaping addiction lawsuits across the nation.

The FDA explained their position further in a statement: “Regardless of where products like e-cigarettes fall on the continuum of tobacco product risk, the law is clear that, before marketing tobacco products for reduced risk, companies must demonstrate with scientific evidence that their specific product does in fact pose less risk or is less harmful.”

Ohio Juul Attorney Reviews E-Cig Risks

Consumer protection attorneys argue that the hazards of vaping may be more substantial than e-cig companies are letting on. There may not be the same combustion cancer risks, however the inhalation of chemicals in the vapor may pose serious health risks, as demonstrated by the severe respiratory illness reports now sweeping the nation.

Juul has continually marketed their products to teens, first in a discontinued social media campaign, with tasty flavors, and the FDA accused a Juul representative of telling students that Juul “was much safer than cigarettes.”

Many teens who experience a severe vaping addiction have said they did not know Juul Pods contained nicotine, or a large level of nicotine in the product. The high levels of nicotine in Juul pods can be very harmful to young consumers.

Research is now being conducted on the effects of e-cigarettes, though more information may not be known for years. Meanwhile, Juul Labs and other E-cigarette companies are earning billions at the cost of public health. Scores more lung diseases and severe lung illnesses are feared as consumers seek solace in their vaping devices.

Many state authorities want stricter measures to be instituted for e-cigarette distribution and availability. Some go as far as saying they should only be available by prescription, and sold flavorless.

Juul Vaping Addiction Lawsuits

Ohio may be considering a ban on flavored vaping products after New York became the first state to begin taking measures to combat youth vaping addiction and severe lung disease cases tied to e-cigarette products like Juul pods.

Consumer safety attorneys and Vaping injury lawyers argue that Juul and other e-cig companies have been targeting young conjsumers in deceptive marketing campaigns, and have downplayed the health risks of vaping.

Juul has said the company is a “healthier” alternative to smoking, though there is no evidence to support that statement. As a result, the company is under investigation by federal trade authorities and is facing hundreds of vaping injury claims and vaping addiction lawsuits.

Juul Pod Ban

This last year presented a number of challenges for the E-cigarette market, and this year the pressure could gain traction. Due to reports of growing teen vaping addiction and thousands of vaping lung disease cases, a vaping ban on many products could be right around the corner.

The Trump administration, amid pressure from both tobacco lobbyists and consumer safety experts, announced a vape ban on flavors like mint, fruit and dessert-flavored e-cig cartridges. Menthol and tobacco flavors are expected to remain on the market. The banned vape flavors are the most popular with young consumers.

Public health officials, and the FDA say that banning flavors most alluring to teens is a good start, though the public health concerns are varied with cases of lung disease numbering in the thousands this year alone.

Because of a heavy tobacco lobby in Washington, there has been hesitation to issue any vaping ban, even with teen addiction and vaping illness on the rise. Some close to the matter say a full ban on e-cigs may drive users to seek out black market products that could prove even more dangerous.

Juul, a juggernaut in the e-cigarette business, has been at the center of legal pressure regarding a rise of teenage vaping and addiction lawsuits. Parents, schools and public health experts have all named Juul as a major target in the vaping addiction epidemic.

This year Juul removed fruit and dessert-flavored vaping products off the market, though the company still denies that it targeted youths in their marketing campaigns, which have since been discontinued. Consumer protection advocates have long been trying to regulate vaping among Americans. The Food and Drug Administration first aimed to ban sales of e-cig flavors during the Obama administration.

Ohio Juul Attorney

Vaping may feel like a healthier alternative to some consumers, though is full of risks, according to plaintiffs in class action lawsuits. Attorneys allege e-cig companies like Juul downplay the addiction and health risks of their products, and also market the vape pens to youths and teens.

Thousands of cases of lung disease and severe respiratory illnesses across the country are bringing health officials together to issue safety warnings. Vaping injury and lung diseases are more and more common, concerning consumer safety advocates. Vaping injury attorneys are filing claims against e-cig companies, saying they downplayed risks and marketed the products as healthier alternatives.

A Connecticut man is suing Juul, the maker of the most popular vaping device in the U.S., alleging a serious stroke was due in part to his Juul Attorney to the Juul product. The man, 22 years old, is suing Juul with claims that his heavy addiction to the product led to a massive stroke.

A hemorrhagic stroke in 2017 led to three brain surgeries, left-side paralysis, speech impairment and a 50 percent loss of vision in both eyes. Hundreds of vaping related deaths have been reported .

Ohio Juul Lawsuits

Ohio Juul Attorneys involved in vaping injury cases say it is the responsibility of Juul to compensate its victims and to change its marketing schemes to better warn consumers. Juul e-cigarettes have been described by their manufacturers as a good alternative to regular cigarettes even as consumers sink deeper in addiction.

The flavor-based marketing is well-thought-out, and the targeting of youth is no accident, say plaintiffs in the case. Juul has since stopped sales of flavored vapes due to legal pressure. When young consumers are preyed upon by corporations, their health is compromised, and the number of teenagers smoking e-cigarettes like Juul products has increased year-on-year.

In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that almost 5 million underage students reported using a vape device within the past 30 days. The Juul injury lawsuit accuses the company of wrongful conduct, fraudulent concealment and intentional misrepresentation of dangerous products.

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