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Ohio Auto Defect Attorney & Auto Recall Lawsuits

Cincinnati recall lawyer and Ohio auto defect attorney reviewing Auto Defects and associated auto recalls

In 2017, there were more than 28 million auto recalls in the United States. In 2018, there is reason to believe the trend in manufacturing cars and trucks with defective parts will change. The auto industry has begun using interchangeable components and suppliers across dozens of model and car brands. So when one part is defective on a Ford vehicle, for instance, it may very well be defective on a GM car or another vehicle.

We have seen similar road safety issues with airbags, tires and other parts spread across several car models. When defective seatbelts, airbags, fuel lines, transmissions, suspensions or other car parts are installed on millions of vehicles, the risk of accidents and injuries greatly increases.

Recent auto recalls include the following:

  1. Passenger Frontal Air Bag Inflator May Explode—Over 116,000 units of models affected include 2010 Pontiac Vibe, 2003-2008 Toyota Corolla Matrix, and 2010-2012 Toyota Yaris. In the event of a crash necessitating deployment of the passenger frontal air bag, inflators may explode due to propellant degradation after long-term exposure to humidity and temperature cycling.
  2. Lexus Fire Risk—Toyota recalled 21,700 Camry models after discovering two defects that could lead to fires.
  3. Seat Belt Failure—Micro Bird Inc. recalled certain 2015-2018 T-Series transit buses because the vehicles are equipped with potentially faulty seat belts. Contact an Ohio auto defect attorney following seat belt failures.
  4. Steering Wheel Defect—Ford Motor Co. recalled almost 1.4 million 2014-2017 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ sedans in North America because loose bolts could allow the steering wheel to come off.
  5. Steering Column Detachment—Hyundai recalled nearly 44,000 vehicles in the U.S. because the steering wheel may detach from the steering column, increasing the chance of a crash. The steering wheel assembly may break while the vehicle is being driven, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall report. The recall covers 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport crossovers.
  6. Software Installation Defect—BMW recalled 11,700 cars after installing the wrong engine software in its 5- and 7-series models.
  7. Windshield Wiper Malfunction—Fiat-Chrysler recalled over 1,500 model year 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvios because the software for the wiper motor may incorrectly interpret the wiper motor as overheating, limiting the windshield wipers to operate only at the low-speed setting. Limited wiper function can reduce the driver’s visibility, increasing the risk of a crash.
  8. Air Bag Defect—Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. recalled 3,768 model year 2017-2018 Tiguan Limited vehicles because the front driver air bag installed on these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. Contact an Ohio auto defect attorney following airbag failures.
  9. Wiper Link Corrosion—Mitsubishi recalled over 158,000 Outlander Sport vehicles years 2011-2016 because water may enter between the hood and windshield and cause the front wiper link ball joint to corrode, possibly resulting in the wipers becoming inoperative.
  10. Fuel Pump Leak—Toyota Motor recalled 9,905 units of 2016-2018 Lexus GS F, 2018 LC500, and 2015-2018 Lexus RC F vehicles, equipped with faulty high pressure fuel pumps. The defect may result in damage to the pulsation damper in one of the high pressure fuel pumps, possibly causing a fatigue crack in the fuel pump cover. Over 11,000 2018 Toyota Camry vehicles were also recalled because these vehicles have fuel delivery pipes that may not be properly connected to the fuel hoses in the engine compartment.
  11. Defective Air Bag—Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC recalled 2018 XF Sportbrake vehicles because the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) calibration may be incorrect, possibly causing the frontal air bags to deploy improperly in the event of a collision.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Cincinnati recall lawyer and experienced Ohio auto defect attorney, well-versed in the economic impact injuries and death have on a victim’s life and family. 

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Types of Defective Auto Parts

Injuries Associated with Auto Defect Related Accidents

Auto-related injuries are preventable if manufacturers and auto suppliers take the proper precautions and necessary quality control channels. Accidents and serious injuries are often the result of unreliable manufacturing or faulty design of an automobile. In these cases, automakers and auto component suppliers can be held liable for sustained injuries and deaths. Some common injuries include the following:

Manufacturers may be liable for any defect that causes injury or an accident while operating a vehicle. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards set minimum performance requirements for critical parts of vehicles that affect its safe operation, such as brakes, tires, and lighting, and also parts that protect drivers and passengers from injury, like air bags, safety belts, and child restraints.

The U.S. Code for Motor Vehicle Safety encourages by law a vehicle that “protects the public against unreasonable risk of accidents occurring because of the design, construction, or performance of a motor vehicle, and against unreasonable risk of death or injury in an accident.” Auto defects may include any defect in performance, construction, a component, or material of a motor vehicle or motor vehicle equipment.

The Lyon Firm specializes in consumer safety litigation and filing product liability lawsuits following serious injuries related to product defects and company negligence. When an auto manufacturer fails to provide safe vehicles and accidents occur, plaintiffs can file claims and recover rightful compensation.

Following a serious car accident in Ohio, victims should contact an experienced lawyer to investigate. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to auto defects, and have questions about the legal remedies available to improve quality of life and medical care, contact The Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403. You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, an Ohio auto defect attorney, and he will help you answer these critical questions.

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