Monsanto Roundup Settlements & Bayer Cancer Lawsuits - Cincinnati, OH
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Monsanto Roundup Settlements & Bayer Cancer Lawsuits

Cincinnati, Ohio product liability lawyer and toxic exposure attorney reviewing ongoing Bayer litigation and Monsanto Roundup cancer lawsuits for plaintiffs nationwide

Some prominent lawyers at the forefront of the Bayer Roundup cancer litigation have refused to agree to certain case stipulations and settlement resolutions. Attorneys on both sides of the case, both personal injury plaintiffs and the Bayer AG legal team, have been in settlement negotiations for months.

Toxic exposure and consumer safety attorneys have filed lawsuits on behalf of thousands of cancer patients who claim their conditions were directly caused by toxic Roundup exposure. Bayer could reportedly settle thousands of Roundup cancer cases for up to $10 billion, but there are some hold-outs in the case that could delay settlements for all plaintiffs.

One attorney in particular, based in Virginia, has not accepted the current settlement terms and mediation offers. In fact, instead of accepting terms deemed unsatisfactory to clients’ needs, the Virginia law firm is preparing for two new trials scheduled this month, one to be held in federal court. Other law firms with hundreds or thousands of plaintiffs have agreed to cancel or postpone Monsanto Roundup trials in order to expedite a settlement.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Cincinnati, Ohio Toxic Exposure Attorney reviewing Monsanto Roundup Cancer cases and settlements on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide.

Monsanto Roundup Cancer Settlements

The exact number of plaintiffs in the Bayer Roundup cancer litigation is unknown, but tens of thousands of plaintiffs are seeking compensation related to cancer and glyphosate-related diseases. Toxic tort attorneys have accused Monsanto and Bayer of selling a dangerous product without proper warnings, long after the company was aware that their product could be hazardous the health of workers and consumers.

Thousands of landscapers, farmers, groundskeepers and gardeners who have used Roundup and other herbicides for many years have been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and other cancers related to toxic exposure.

The U.S. courts and juries have sided with injured plaintiffs in three trials so far, putting immense pressure on Bayer to settle all existing Roundup exposure cancer cases. Monsanto has lost three trials so far—one plaintiffs was awarded $289 million and another awarded over $2 billion. Winning further trials could increase the leverage plaintiffs’ attorneys have in the mediation, though a verdict in favor of Bayer could be damaging to thousands of plaintiffs.

All pending Roundup cancer cases allege that plaintiffs’ cancers were caused by glyphosate-based herbicide exposure, including the popular Monsanto Roundup brand. Internal Monsanto documents show the company engineered the publishing of scientific studies that appeared to be created by independent scientists.

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