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Methylene Chloride Lawsuits & Toxic Exposure

Toxic Exposure Attorney investigating inhalation injuries and filing methylene chloride lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced new limitations on uses of methylene chloride, and said the chemical presents an unreasonable risk to consumers and workers. Officials note that methylene chloride, commonly found in paint strippers, is linked to more than 50 deaths since the 1980s.

Chemical safety experts have called for a significant reduction in commercial and consumer use. The new EPA regulation prohibits the manufacture and use of consumer products containing methylene chloride, but stops short of banning it for commercial use, leaving a wide range of workers still vulnerable to inhalation injuries and associated cancer risks.

The move by the EPA may be a little too late, according to safety advocates, and thousands of workers around the nation have been injured by the chemical and have since filed methylene chloride lawsuits on the basis of companies selling an extremely hazardous chemical when safer alternatives are available.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated workplace toxic exposure attorney representing plaintiffs nationwide in a wide variety of inhalation injury and methylene chloride lawsuits.

Methylene Chloride Workplace Hazards

Methylene chloride, a colorless liquid known to potentially harm the eyes, skin, liver, and heart, is used in various industries to remove paint, degrease, clean, and manufacture other products. Workers particularly at risk of inhalation injury may include:

  • Bathtub refinishers
  • Workers using paint strippers
  • Workers involved in metal cleaning and degreasing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing employees

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recommends employers prevent injuries by raising awareness of chemical hazards, warning workers, properly ventilating all work areas, and providing the necessary safety protection equipment.

methylene chloride lawsuits toxic exposure lawyer chemical hazard injury
Employers should be following OSHA safety guidelines to protect workers

Methylene Chloride Lawsuits & Worker Injury

Thus far, many retailers have removed paint stripping products containing methylene chloride. However, since commercial use of the chemical is still not banned, workers are still at risk of developing respiratory illnesses or related cancers.

Wrongful death cases of paint strippers and bathtub refinishers have brought some awareness to the dangers of the chemical, though workplace injury risks make methylene chloride lawsuits a necessary challenge for injured workers. The level of toxic exposure varies, and typically depends upon the duration of exposure and level of ventilation in a work area.

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