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Metal Poisoning (Metallosis) from Hip Replacement

Ohio Medical Device Lawyer reviews the dangers of defective hip implants and risk of Metal Poisoning 

The British Medical Journal continues to report increased failure rates and metal poisoning from hip replacement systems (i.e, metal on metal hip implants). Patients worldwide, including within the greater Cincinnati area and throughout the state of Ohio have received metal-on-metal hip prostheses and are at an increased risk for metal poisoning from hip replacements.  In addition, the exposure to  toxic metal ions and places the patient at an increased risks for device failure.

The Lyon Firm is accepting cases involving hip implant defects, and has experiencing engaging medical device companies like Smith and Nephew, Wright Medical, Depuy, Stryker and Zimmer Biomet. Existing class action lawsuits allege that hip implant producers failed to warn patients about the safety and health risks of their products.

Joe Lyon is a product liability lawyer and medical device attorney representing plaintiffs nationwide in metal on metal hip implant failure cases. 

Cobalt and Chromium Metal Poisoning

The investigation into the metal on metal implants found that chromium and cobalt ions from this type of artificial hip are contributing the metal poising from hip replacement. CBS reported that the toxic materials “can seep into the surrounding tissue to destroy muscle and bone and spread to the lymph nodes, spleen, liver and kidneys, potentially causing damage.” The researchers were also concerned the ions could affect a person’s chromosomes, resulting in genetic changes. While there has been some concern of a risk of cancer, a recent study has found no association.

Hip Implant Metal Poisoning

Many hip implant patients are experiencing pain and swelling in their joints. This can be a symptom of device failure due to toxic exposure. A blood test is necessary to determine the amount of cobalt and chromium levels that may be causing inflammation in the surrounding tissues. This inflammation can lead to device instability and a need for revision.

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Metal on Metal Hip Defect Lawsuits

It is important to contact counsel before a revision surgery in order to preserve the device, tissue and any fluids collected during the hip revision surgery. Defective hip implants from Wright Medical, Depuy, Smith and Nephew, Zimmer Biomet and Stryker may lead to metallosis.

The Lyon Firm has experience engaging large medical device companies in personal injury and product liability lawsuits. Negligent firms designing faulty hip implant and total hip replacement systems should be held accountable when implanted patients suffer from infection, chronic pain , and require revision surgery.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Cincinnati product liability and Ohio medical device lawyer and can assist you in evidence preservation and prosecution of these claims. Many cases are being resolved, but counsel remains critical to addressing many complex legal issues that arise in toxic exposure and medical device litigation.

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