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Juul Injury Lawsuits & Vaping Addiction Attorney

Consumer protection lawyer and Cincinnati, Ohio product liability attorney reviewing e-cig safety hazards, vaping addiction and Juul injury lawsuits for plaintiffs nationwide

Vaping may feel like a healthier alternative to some consumers, though is full of risks, according to plaintiffs in class action lawsuits. Attorneys allege e-cig companies like Juul downplay the addiction and health risks of their products, and also market the vape pens to youths and teens.

Hundreds of cases of lung disease and severe respiratory illnesses across the country are bringing health officials together to issue safety warnings. Vaping injury and lung diseases are more and more common, concerning consumer safety advocates. Vaping injury attorneys are filing claims against e-cig companies, saying they downplayed risks and marketed the products as healthier alternatives.

A Connecticut man is suing Juul, the maker of the most popular vaping device in the U.S., alleging a serious stroke was due in part to his Juul Attorney to the Juul product. The man, 22 years old, is suing Juul with claims that his heavy addiction to the product led to a massive stroke. A hemorrhagic stroke in 2017 led to three brain surgeries, left-side paralysis, speech impairment and a 50 percent loss of vision in both eyes. At least one vaping related death has been reported.

Juul has been the target of other deceptive marketing lawsuits that claim the tasty and flavorful product is enticing to youths and young users.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Cincinnati, Ohio product liability lawyer and consumer protection class action attorney reviewing deceptive e-cig marketing and Juul injury lawsuits.

Juul Injury Lawsuits & Vaping Lung Disease

At the time of the plaintiff’s stroke, he was consuming two Juul-pods per day, equivalent to four packs of cigarettes. Attorneys say thousands of youths are victims of the company’s deceitful ad campaigns which ignore potential harmful effects. Juul injury lawsuits are becoming more common as millions of young users become addicted and suffer from serious nicotine toxicity.

juul injury
Juul e-cigarettes are the target of several personal injury and consumer protection lawsuits

Lawyer involved in the case say it is the responsibility of Juul to compensate its victims and to change its marketing schemes to better warn consumers. Juul e-cigarettes have been described by their manufacturers as a good alternative to regular cigarettes even as consumers sink deeper in addiction. The flavor-based marketing is well-thought-out, and the targeting of youth is no accident, say plaintiffs in the case. Juul has since stopped sales of flavored vapes due to legal pressure.

When young consumers are preyed upon by corporations, their health is compromised, and the number of teenagers smoking e-cigarettes like Juul products has increased year-on-year. In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that almost 5 million underage students reported using a vape device within the past 30 days. The Juul injury lawsuit accuses the company of wrongful conduct, fraudulent concealment and intentional misrepresentation of dangerous products.

Some vape shops mix or prepare e-liquids, or modify liquids, and are considered a manufacturer. As a result, they have a legal responsibility manufacturers and retailers of vaping products to sell safe products.

Vaping Severe Lung Disease Lawsuits

A cluster of severe lung disease cases in Wisconsin shed ore light on the health concerns surrounding Juul vape devices and vaping safety. Health officials are still investigating. At least 12 cases of those hospitalized with severe lung disease after recently using vaping devices.

Wisconsin health services are particularly delving into severe lung disease cases in teens and young adults, though there have been confirmed cases in older age groups. Reported respiratory problems have ranged in age from teens to 30 years of age.

The patients in question have recently reported vaping or so-called dabbing—the vaping of marijuana products. More than a dozen other cases are under investigation. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services spokeswoman noted that the determined cause of the lung disease has not been determined, and more information is needed, including what vaping devices and products were used by those affected. The vaping of nicotine, THC, synthetic cannabinoids, or other substances could have been involved. Patients experienced a shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, coughing and weight loss.

The Wisconsin news came soon after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it received over 120 reports of seizures and other neurological symptoms between in the last nine years among e-cigarette and vape users.

Flavored Vape Ban & Juul Addiction Attorney

Following several vaping injury deaths and hundrds more cases of serious lung disease linked to vape products, New York has banned flavored e-cigarettes—with exceptions of tobacco and menthol flavorings. The vaping ban goes into effect immediately and retailers must remove products from their shelves within two weeks.

Juul Labs, the largest producer of flavored vaping products, says it will comply. Juul is under immense legal pressure, as it is currently being investigated for deceptive marketing practices by the Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission. Vaping Addiction and Juul Injury lawsuits have been filed by plaintiffs across the country, with more litigation to come in future months.

The flavored vape ban, according to consumer safety advocates, is meant to curb the use of vaping products for the youth, and previous non-smokers. Nicotine addiction rates are rising dramatically among school-age teens, and severe vaping addiction has become an epidemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there are at least 380 reported vaping respiratory illnesses, and new cases are arising each week.

If you or a loved one has suffered a Juul injury after using the vaping device, and have questions about the legal remedies available to improve quality of life and medical care, contact The Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403. You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, and he will help you answer critical questions regarding severe lung disease and Ohio Juul injury class action litigation.

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