Fentanyl Overdose Deaths & Opioid Lawsuits - Cincinnati, Ohio
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Fentanyl Overdose Deaths & Opioid Lawsuits

Cincinnati Medical Malpractice lawyer and Ohio hospital Negligence attorney reviewing the Mount Carmel fentanyl overdose deaths and subsequent wrongful death lawsuits

An Ohio doctor, William Husel, working in the Columbus Mount Carmel Health System from 2015 to 2018, has been charged with 25 deaths, each related to a prescribed opioid overdose. The doctor stands accused of ordering fatal doses of fentanyl and other opioids to patients. Husel faces multiple counts of murder after a six-month investigation of the hospital overdose deaths.

The Ohio patient fentanyl overdose deaths highlights serious issues with detecting widespread hospital negligence and medical malpractice within a hospital. The safety of patients was compromised by a failure involving around 30 employees, many of which could be later found negligent. The fentanyl malpractice case goes beyond typical negligence standards and is one of the most serious healthcare crimes in recent history.

Husel, the primary defendant in the case, was first suspended last year and then eventually fired before charges were brought against him. Most of the patients involved in the Mount Carmel fentanyl overdose deaths were terminally ill, though their health still did not warrant such an excessive and deadly dose of opioids. Husel’s attorney has stated that the doctor did not intend for any patients to die.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Cincinnati medical malpractice and hospital negligence attorney representing plaintiffs in fentanyl addiction and opioid overdose deaths in Ohio and nationwide.

Mount Carmel Lawsuits & Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

The doctor, prescription error have been investigated in the case, and other charges may be filed against those liable in the death of overdose victims. Plaintiff lawyers and medical experts have noted that the opioid doses were so excessive that they “could not support any legitimate medical purpose.”

In a PR release, the Ohio Mount Carmel Health System said it will implement changes “to ensure events like these never happen again.” The investigation centers on the deaths of at least 29 patients who may have been victims of overdose deaths. Investigators have concluded that Husel may have violated standard medical protocol.

The doctor currently faces 19 wrongful-death lawsuits. Other cases have already been settled out of court. Mount Carmel hospital officials have said that 30 employees, including nurses and pharmacists, were placed on leave in the wake of the tragedy.

Ohio Fentanyl Overdose Deaths & Wrongful death Lawsuits

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