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Defective Tire Lawsuits: Tread Defects & Accidents

Cincinnati product liability lawyer and Ohio safety recall attorney reviewing defective tire lawsuits for injured plaintiffs nationwide

Tire failure and tread separation are relatively common occurrences. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, defective tires are the primary cause of over 11,000 road accidents in the United States every year, many of which lead to injury and death.

Any accident linked to a tire defect may be grounds for filing defective tire lawsuits against offending manufacturers, who may have known about the risks of their product but failed to warn consumers through a proper tire recall.

Truck operators may also be negligent in poor tire maintenance and some tire retreading service stations have been sued in recent years for poor tire maintenance. Common collisions and rollover accidents involve tire blowouts and tread separation, often indicative of a defective tire.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Cincinnati auto negligence lawyer and Ohio product liability attorney reviewing defective tire lawsuits for injured plaintiffs in Ohio and nationwide. The Lyon Firm works with accident reconstruction experts to determine the root cause of an accident.

Detreading Risks & Auto Accidents

When the tread on a car or heavy commercial vehicle fails, the tread may lead to the loss of control of a vehicle and catastrophic road accident. When the tread of a truck is released at freeway speed, the tread can easily strike other cars and lead to multi-vehicle accidents and injuries.

Truck drivers and transportation companies are responsible for maintaining their rigs, and ensuring that all tires are properly inflated, retreaded, and meet federal road safety standards to prevent severe injury to motorists and passengers. Should truck companies fail to operate on the roads in a safe manner, they may be held liable for injury in defective tire lawsuits, along with a negligent manufacturer.

Tire Recalls & Defective Tire Lawsuits

Tire defects may be due to design or manufacturing flaws: belt defects, tread separation risks, sidewall failures, improper inflation instructions, unsuitable tires match with vehicles and retread failures can all lead to serious road accidents and subsequent injury.

Each year in the United States, tens of thousands of tires are recalled for specific defects that may pose a safety hazard and endanger motorists. Companies responsible for manufacturing defective tires commonly include:

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