Defective Medical Device Lawyer Discusses New Documentary
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Defective Medical Device Lawyer Discusses New Documentary

Ohio Medical Equipment Defect Attorney and Cincinnati Defective Medical Device Lawyer reviews faulty medical devices featured in The Bleeding Edge documentary

A recent Netflix documentary called The Bleeding Edge sheds light on a longstanding consumer safety concern involving America’s medical device industry. The movie portrays the medical device industry as a corporate free-for-all in which large device companies unscrupulously release products to the public without properly testing them, finding loopholes in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, leading to serious injuries for thousands of Americans.

The Bleeding Edge documentary argues the current medical device climate is extremely dangerous for consumers, and at the same time rewards the companies with millions in profit. The film highlights injury statistics and delves into the specific safety issues of birth control devices, metal-on-metal joint replacements, vaginal mesh and robotic surgery devices.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Ohio Product Liability Attorney and Defective Medical Device Lawyer representing injured plaintiffs nationwide in defective medical device lawsuits.

Defective Medical Device Lawyer & Permanent Injury

It is not uncommon for medical devices to present numerous risks, though the industry and some surgeons have downplayed the possible complications and touted the success rates of certain procedures. While many assume the healthcare industry would have a responsibility to protect patients and limit risks, The Bleeding Edge documentary submits that money often supersedes safety. Some of the most common medical devices causing injury today include the following:

Legal Impacts: The Bleeding Edge Documentary

The FDA medical device approval process has arguably not evolved with the level of technology seen today in medical science. With a lagging regulation process, injury is more likely. Devices are far more complex today and may require much more scrutiny and pre-market clinical testing, which at the moment is not legally necessary.

As a result, many patients are implanted with what they think is a safe product and face serious complications and revision surgeries down the line. Medical device companies and surgeons encourage devices far beyond what is safely predictable and injured plaintiffs may contact a personal injury attorney and file an injury claim to recover damages and medical costs.

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