Cooking Spray Burn Injury & PAM Explosion Lawsuits - Cincinnati, Ohio
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Cooking Spray Burn Injury & PAM Explosion Lawsuits

Consumer Safety Attorney and Product Liability Lawyer investigating PAM, Sysco, and Wellsley Farms cooking spray burn injury accidents for plaintiffs nationwide

There are a variety of kitchen burn accidents that can be scarring and even life-threatening. Exploding cooking spray cans are often overlooked, either because the cans are not thought to be a threat, or because since the product is meant to be used near a stove or grill, is left in the area.

Plaintiffs and consumer safety attorneys say this is not unreasonable to suggest design defects in cans of PAM, Sysco and Wellsley Farms cooking spray, all of which have been involved in cooking spray burn injury accidents.

The tragic stories are largely the same: victims are cooking in the kitchen, just like always, when explosions and flame rip across the room, leading to severe cooking spray burn injury. In the last few years, this has become more and more common, and burn injury lawyers are investigating the causes of such accidents. PAM cans have been changed in the last year, though no product has yet been recalled.

Attorneys argue that cooking spray canisters made by ConAgra, Wellsley Farms and Sysco are defective and that the companies fail to properly warn consumers of the explosion risks. The food companies say their existing warnings are enough to protect consumers, but the number of burn victims is growing and pressure has mounted to provide safer cooking products.

Conagra has redesigned their PAM cans after a series of PAM can explosions, though the company stated the design change had nothing to do with reported explosion accidents.

Joe Lyon is a consumer protection lawyer and burn injury attorney representing injured plaintiffs nationwide in PAM can explosions and cooking spray burn injury accidents.

The Lyon Firm works with industry experts and safety authorities nationwide to determine the root cause of a PAM can explosion accident and to build the strongest case possible.

Cooking Spray Accidents & Exploding PAM Cans

ConAgra, the company that makes PAM and other cooking sprays, as well as Sysco and Wellsley Farms, are targeted in product liability lawsuits. Injured plaintiffs say they have been severely burned in cooking spray accidents that should have been prevented with proper warnings. The cans have been exploding or catching fire while sitting near a heat source.

The companies have stated the product can be used safely if it is not placed close to stoves or grills. The companies have refused to recall the products, saying the consumers are at fault for misusing the cooking spray. If the cooking spray canisters are meant to be used in kitchens, it is difficult to argue that consumers are at fault.

But plaintiffs and victims are seeking compensation, noting that their injuries are due, at least in part, to a product defect described in the video below:

Product Defects can lead to serious injury and lawsuits

Plaintiffs say a defect in ConAgra cooking spray cans, more susceptible to explosion, make them a safety hazard and fire and burn risk. Conagra has discontinued production of the defective can design, but has not issued a recall for the product.

Cooking spray burn injury victims have reported exploding PAM cans on shelves above stoves, where a typical kitchen ingredient might be stored. Household and commercial kitchen accidents have sent consumers to burn injury units, and several have almost lost their lives. Serious third-degree burns to the face, neck, eyes, abdomen, arms and hands have resulted in surgeries and skin grafts.

Cooking Spray Burn Injury Lawsuits

The Lyon Firm is a Cincinnati, Ohio product liability firm, specializing in consumer safety lawsuits. Joe Lyon is proud to represent injured plaintiffs in a wide variety of consumer protection claims. Settlements with large negligent corporations can be sought, and compensation can help plaintiffs pay for medical expenses, lost wages, permanent injury and other damages.

Consumer protection attorneys and product engineers can determine the root cause of explosion and determine whether Conagra manufactured a defective cooking spray can and was negligent in distributing the product to the public. Meanwhile, the dangers still exist and consumers have a right to know what common kitchen products pose a risk.

It is crucial to hold companies accountable for releasing dangerous consumer products. It has become an unfortunate part of corporate culture to weigh the cost of future lawsuits with the cost of selling a popular product that presents a hazard to consumers. For the safety of consumers in the future, it is important to take legal action and sue companies who put profit before the well-being of American consumers.

If you or a loved one has suffered a cooking spray burn injury, and have questions about the medical and legal remedies available, contact The Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403. You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, a product liability and personal injury attorney, and he will help you answer critical questions regarding defective cooking spray lawsuits.

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