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Cook Transseptal Needle Recall & Catheter Injuries

Medical Device Defect Attorney and product liability lawyer reviewing Cook Transseptal Needle Recall injuries and other defective catheter products for plaintiffs nationwide

Due to reported patient deaths linked to defective Cook Medical products, Cook issued a safety recall for a lot of their Transseptal Needles due to a manufacturing error. An analyst at GlobalData reported that the Cook Transseptal Needle recall was allegedly associated with three deaths linked to the use of defective catheters during endovascular procedures. The specific cause of fatal injury may be related to the Cook device coatings dislodging and damaging vital organs such as the heart, kidneys and lungs.

Cook Medical recalled their Transseptal Needle under the pretense of “manufacturing errors” which resulted in needle tips missing the back bevel that creates a sharp tip. Without a back bevel, the needle tip could damage the inside of the introducer sheath during needle insertion, resulting in detached plastic fragments that could end up in a patient’s blood. These fragments in the bloodstream could cause serious adverse health consequences such as injuries to blood vessel walls, embolism, stroke, or death.

The Cook Medical Transseptal Needle is used by surgeons to access a patient’s heart during cardiac procedures. When stents, needles and catheters are defective and do not function as intended, patients are the ones that suffer and may file injury claims to recover damages and medical expenses through product liability lawsuits.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated product liability lawyer and defective medical device attorney representing plaintiffs nationwide in defective catheter lawsuits and Cook Transseptal Needle Recall injury cases. 

Cook Medical Catheter Defects

Catheter injuries reported to the FDA in adverse event reports have included:

  • Heart attacks
  • Blood clots
  • Organ damage
  • Emergency surgeries
  • Deaths
  • Air embolisms
  • Blood loss
  • Cardiac arrest

Cook Transseptal Needle Recall Lawyer

defective catheters cook transseptal needle recall
Defective Cook Medical Catheters are linked to patient injury

When medical device companies fail to provide hospitals and medical centers with effective products and they cause injury and deaths, they may be held liable in product liability and personal injury lawsuits that can recover rightful compensation for patients and plaintiffs. Medical companies have a duty to properly test their devices before they market and distribute them for use.

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