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Consumer Product Recalls & Product Liability Lawsuits

Cincinnati, Ohio Product Liability Attorney reviewing consumer product recalls and consumer safety lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide

Each year federal safety agencies issue hundreds consumer safety recalls, yet the majority of consumers–up to 90 percent–are either not aware of the consumer product recalls, or fail to return the defective products.

Consumer safety attorneys and product liability lawyers are often the last line of defense for consumers in the fight for safe products on the market. Legal action is typically the only way many injured consumers are able to hold a company responsible for an injury caused by a dangerous product.

The Lyon Firm specializes in product liability litigation, and has experience settling personal injury cases involving dangerous consumer products. Joe Lyon represents plaintiffs on a contingency fee basis, and recovers rightful compensation following consumer product injury.

Consumer Product Recalls

When safety authorities are alerted from companies or receive reports from injured consumers, they issue warnings and product recalls to protect the public from further safety risks. The following government agencies have the authority to issue consumer product recalls:

  • Food and Drug Administration: The FDA generally regulates, and issues warnings and recalls for defective pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, medical devices, vaccines and tobacco products.
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission: The CPSC is tasked with regulating a wide variety of consumer products. The agency aims to protect consumers and families from products that pose a fire, electrical, chemical, or mechanical hazard. The agency issues recalls for anything from defective toys to household chemicals¬†.
  • Food Safety and Inspection Service: The USDA FSIS is in charge of issuing food recalls when contamination or outbreaks are reported.

Recent Consumer Product Recalls

Consumers are encouraged to check recall lists, and to treat most child consumer products as potential hazards. There are hundreds of child products recalled each year for presenting choking, laceration, entrapment, strangulation, burn injury and fall hazards. The following product categories present a consistent consumer hazard:

Consumers are urged to read product recall lists

Joe Lyon is a consumer protection attorney representing consumer product injury victims and plaintiffs nationwide following product accidents. The Lyon Firm specializes in consumer safety litigation and has experience engaging large corporations following injuries and accidents. Contact the Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403 for a free consultation.

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