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Cincinnati Pedestrian Accidents & Crosswalk Injuries

Ohio Catastrophic Injury Attorney investigating crosswalk accidents and the rise of preventable Cincinnati Pedestrian Accidents and negligent drivers for plaintiffs nationwide

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), pedestrian deaths in the United States may be on track to account for the highest road death toll in 30 years. Compiled data from highway safety offices in all 50 states estimated that around 6,227 deaths from pedestrian accidents were recorded in 2018, the vast majority preventable with safe road design, driver education and auto safety technology. The increase in pedestrian fatality is a major concern for government agencies, safety advocates and Americans nationwide.

The report noted that around 75 percent of pedestrian deaths occur at night when poorly lit roads and drunk driving are more of a factor. Texting and driving, as well as driver fatigue have been linked to a large percentage of auto accidents. The report does not rule out distracted walking as pedestrians are more likely now to be looking at the mobile phone while crossing the street. Either way, crosswalks are now more perilous than previously thought, and those walking across roads are urged to be more vigilant than ever before. Even with the go-ahead from a street signal, pedestrians should move with caution.

Safety infrastructure, engineering and driving behavioral strategies can reduce pedestrian deaths with the help of safe vehicle design and motorist vigilance. Law enforcement in most states have made it a priority to protect passengers and pedestrians by enforcing cellphone bans while driving.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Ohio catastrophic injury attorney, well-versed in the emotional and economic impacts of preventable Cincinnati pedestrian accidents. Following an accident, contact an experienced lawyer to review Cincinnati pedestrian accidents and crosswalk injury lawsuits.

cincinnati pedestrian accidents
Pedestrian accidents and crosswalk fatalities are increasing in frequency

Cincinnati Pedestrian Accidents & Crosswalk Accidents

One would think moving on foot would be the safest way to move around, though the increase in deaths related to crosswalk and pedestrian accidents suggest pedestrian safety may be a myth for many. Some experts associate the rise in Cincinnati pedestrian accidents to more distracted drivers in combination with larger vehicles. Americans have been purchasing larger SUVs and pickup trucks, and at the same time spending more time on their mobile phones while driving. Larger vehicles may have less road visibility than smaller vehicles, and crosswalk accidents are increasing as a result.

The Lyon Firm is dedicated to protecting pedestrians and holding negligent drivers accountable for actions that result in the injury or death of a pedestrian. Road accident lawsuits can compensate plaintiffs for medical expenses, lost wages, and other related damages. To build the strongest case, plaintiffs are encouraged to collect witness testimony, medical records and photographic evidence of the accident scene.

Serious crosswalk accidents may result from driver fatigue, drunk driving, driver distraction, or gross negligence. Pedestrian accidents may involve the following:

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