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Cincinnati Church Abuse Lawyer & Catholic Settlements

Ohio Sexual Abuse Attorney and Cincinnati Church Abuse Lawyer reviewing Catholic abuse claims and representing plaintiffs throughout Ohio in sexual assault lawsuits

The Catholic Church abuse scandal drags on in Cincinnati and throughout Ohio, despite the church’s wishes to hide past allegations and sexual abuse claims. The church is under more pressure than ever amid sexual assault allegations. Legal claims involve both decades-old and new claims against the Catholic Church.

Church Abuse Lawsuits have been filed in Cincinnati on behalf of young abused students and victims. Many Catholic Church abuse cases are quashed by a statute of limitations, limiting the ability for victims to bring legal claims against the Catholic Church and related institutions like high schools and individual sexual deviants.

But the problem with sexual Church abuse in Cincinnati and Ohio has not disappeared. The Catholic Church has settled numerous lawsuits to quiet victims. Many individual crimes have been covered up and priests and pastors accused of sexual abuse have been relocated to protect the reputation of the Catholic Church.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Ohio Sexual Assault Attorney and Cincinnati Church Abuse Lawyer representing plaintiffs statewide in a wide variety of sexual crimes and Catholic Church abuse lawsuits

Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Settlements

The criminal acts of individual priests have been exposed across the world. Catholic dioceses and schools have covered up sexual abuse cases to save their own image and reputation. Several church institutions have now filed for bankruptcy protection due to mounting sexual assault claims and church abuse lawsuits. Settlements involving church abuse victims already total more than $3 billion. Hundreds of lawsuits still pend against the church.

The Catholic Church has been at the center of sexual abuse legal proceedings with more than 8,500 recorded settlements. In 2007, the church settled for $600 million on behalf of 221 priests and other church staff and educators accused of sexual abuse.

Not every sexual abuse case is viable due to statute of limitation laws, but church abuse attorneys say it is critical to still file lawsuits. The Catholic institution must be held accountable for criminal sexual abuse and negligence in sexual abuse cases.

Catholic Church Abuse Lawsuits & Assault Allegations

The New York Diocese of Brooklyn reached a settlement worth more than $27 million, after boys abused by a church educator came forward and filed a sexual assault claim.  Each church abuse victim received $6.8 million from the Brooklyn diocese. The plaintiffs will remain anonymous.

More than 300 Catholic priests allegedly sexually abused Pennsylvania over 1,000 children over several decades. The Pennsylvania sexual abuse lawsuits filed compromise the delicate image of the Catholic Church.

Church abuse lawsuits have targeted schools, dioceses and individual sexual perpetrators like educators, pastors and priests.

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The prevailing legal perspective is that the Catholic Church is difficult to sue and that laws protect the church, even when something as serious as sexual abuse is suspected.

However, the Catholic Church, individual defendants and related institutions can be held responsible following church abuse incidents. The Catholic Church has paid out large settlements over the last 70 years and will continue to settle lawsuits in order to protect their own interests.

Due to Ohio statute of limitations laws, sexual abuse survivors are often left with few legal options. The vast majority of victims come forward only after many years of struggle and pain. But Ohio laws, which could be changed in the next few years, limit charges on sexual crimes. Victims must come forward within 20 years of a rape, 6 years of a sexual felony and with two years of other sexual assault crimes.

Victims of Catholic Church abuse and church sexual assault can pursue legal action and file church abuse lawsuits to seek compensation for severe emotional distress and to protect America’s children into the future. Plaintiffs can remain anonymous.

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