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Cincinnati Church Abuse & Catholic Abuse Lawsuits

Ohio Class Action Lawyer and Cincinnati Church Abuse Attorney investigating Roman Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Cases Nationwide

For thousands of children attending Catholic schools and church programs in the U.S., what should have been a rewarding experience turned out to be the most traumatic thing in their lives. Catholic priest abuse cases have been reported all across the globe, as most recently as this week in New York, where an archdiocese reported widespread abuse for decades.

Although many cases of sexual abuse have been thrown out of court, due to statues of limitations, many judges and courts are rewriting certain codes to allow victims of church sexual abuse to file lawsuits and recover compensation for the terrible pain in their lives.

Catholic Church Abuse cases in Cincinnati, Ohio, and around the country have become more transparent in recent years. The church has been a major target in sexual abuse claims and a Cincinnati Church Abuse Attorney can assist you in weighing your legal options against the church and individual sexual perpetrators.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Ohio Class Action Lawyer and Cincinnati Church Abuse Attorney filing Catholic Church Sexual Abuse claims and seeks settlement on behalf of victims and plaintiffs

Ohio Catholic Archdiocese Settlements

It’s become almost a story on repeat, and a very painful one: The Roman Catholic Church releases names of sexual predators and those accused of abuse. Not only did the churches know what was happening, but in many cases, priests accused of abuse were hidden, protected, and relocated to places where they could engage in the same criminal behavior.

An Archdiocese of New York has most recently identified 115 priests and five deacons accused of sexual abuse. Yet another huge disclosure, setting up more sexual abuse settlements and Catholic Church abuse lawsuits.

The Lyon Firm and your Cincinnati Church Abuse Attorney can help you to make sense of what all this new information means to a sexual abuse case of your own or a loved one. Sexual abuse cases can be settled with the church and millions can be awarded in damages.

Cincinnati Church Abuse Attorney & Lawsuits

There are now large lists of clergy members, educators, priests, deacons, and church program directors involved in sex abuse scandals. For decades the Catholic Church avoided serious backlash from their nefarious ways, but are now being brought to justice by victims, survivors, plaintiffs, and their legal counsel.

Accused priests have been jailed and the church has settled cases around the world. The sex abuse epidemic of the Catholic Church has shaken communities, and victims are deserving of compensation. In the wake of all the abuse, church officials are apologizing for the institution’s failures. But plaintiffs and victims are pushing for more than just an apology.

Sexual abuse survivors have welcomed the Church disclosures, but critics have said it is more of a public relations campaign than an admission of guilt. There are still limits to the church transparency as they try to keep existing, devoted parishes placated.

Most of the alleged church sexual abuse took place between the 1950s and the 1990s, according to the archdiocese reports. There is reason to believe, however, that many cases of abuse have occurred in the last 20 years as well.

Due to Ohio statute of limitations laws on sexual assault, rape and abuse, not all victims are able to seek the compensation and justice they deserve. But Ohio laws could change in the coming years as other states have begun to push lawmakers to address the issue with sexual abuse statute of limitations.

The Ohio statute of limitations on sexual abuse crimes make it difficult to file charges on rape after 20 years, other sex felonies after six years and other forms of abuse after just two years. Contact an Ohio sexual assault lawyer to discuss whether you can file a lawsuit or take other legal action.

cincinnati church abuse attorney
Catholic Church Abuse Victims can file personal injury claims and seek compensation

If you or a loved has been a victim of church sexual abuse, and have questions about the legal remedies available, contact The Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403. You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, a Cincinnati Church Abuse Attorney, and he will help you answer critical questions regarding Catholic Church abuse lawsuits.

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