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Catholic Church Abuse Lawsuits & Settlements

Ohio Sexual Abuse Attorney reviews church abuse settlements and files Catholic Church Abuse Lawsuits on behalf of victims and plaintiffs nationwide

After years of litigation, the Catholic Church has agreed to a $60 million settlement following the sexual abuse of more than 100 Haitian boys. The settlement will be paid by Fairfield University, the Society of Jesus of New England, the Order of Malta, American Association, USA, Haiti Fund, Inc., Father Paul E. Carrier, S.J., and Hope E. Carter. The boys were allegedly sexually assaulted by convicted pedophile Douglas Perlitz at a school in Haiti. Not long ago, the same defendants paid $12 million to settle similar claims brought by 24 young men assaulted by Perlitz.

As part of the settlement agreement the lawsuits will be converted into a class action lawsuit and settlement, which will allow other Perlitz sexual abuse victims to file a claim and seek compensation.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Ohio personal injury lawyer representing plaintiffs nationwide in a wide variety of sexual assault and Catholic Church abuse lawsuits.

Catholic Church Abuse Lawsuits & Legal Action

Numerous claims in the last two decades have brought to light the dire and widespread sexual abuse scandal that has affected thousands of victims in the U.S. and throughout the world. The Catholic Church failed to stem the abuse, and in many cases, the Church protected and relocated pedophiles. As a result, Catholic Church Abuse Lawsuits are mounting, and settlements can fetch very large awards for plaintiffs seeking compensation.

Victims of church abuse can come forward and file claims against individuals and the organization as a whole for providing safe havens for sexual predators for decades. Contact a Church Abuse Attorney for a free and confidential consultation. The Lyon Firm works with plaintiffs to obtain rightful compensation following Catholic Church Abuse.

Sexual abuse lawsuits can be filed against the following:

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