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Vaping Illness: Ohio Juul Pod Lawsuits & Vaping Lung Injury

Ohio Consumer Safety and Product Liability Attorney reviewing vaping illness and vaping addiction cases for plaintiffs nationwide The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released a statement on the… Read the full article

Legionnaires Disease Outbreak at Sheraton Hotel

Ohio Toxic Exposure Attorney and personal injury lawyer reviewing the Legionnaires disease outbreak at an Atlanta Sheraton hotel According to attorneys representing injured victims, a Legionnaires disease outbreak at an… Read the full article

Roundup Settlements & Bayer Litigation

Toxic Exposure lawyer and Product Liability attorney reviewing non-Hodgkin lymphoma cases for plaintiffs nationwide. Bayer’s Roundup settlements may include injured plaintiffs nationwide Bayer is discussing Roundup settlement terms, and sources… Read the full article

Ohio Legionnaires Outbreak & Legionella Lawsuits

Cincinnati Toxic Tort Attorney reviewing Legionella cases and the Ohio Legionnaires Outbreak for injured plaintiffs A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a deceased woman diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease… Read the full article