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Elmiron Vision Loss & Severe Eye Disorders

Cincinnati, Ohio Defective Drug Attorney and Toxic Exposure Lawyer reviewing Elmiron vision loss cases on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide A report last year at the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s (AAO)… Read the full article

Zantac Recall: FDA Recommends Ranitidine Removed From Shelves

Cincinnati, Ohio Drug Injury lawyer and Pharmaceutical Recall Lawyer reviewing the FDA Zantac Recall and cancer cases related to Zantac FDA Zantac Recall The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has… Read the full article

Mirtazapine Recall & Mislabeled Medication Lawsuits

Cincinnati, Ohio pharmaceutical recall attorney reviewing labeling errors, drug injury cases and the recent mirtazapine recall for plaintiffs nationwide At least one lot of Mirtazapine has been recalled because the… Read the full article

Ranitidine Recall & Ranitidine Cancer Lawsuits

Cincinnati, Ohio Pharmaceutical Injury Attorney reviewing recent ranitidine recall lawsuits and Zantac cancer cases for plaintiffs nationwide. In a development that has encompassed a large part of the heartburn drug… Read the full article