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Roundup Settlements & Bayer Litigation

Toxic Exposure lawyer and Product Liability attorney reviewing non-Hodgkin lymphoma cases for plaintiffs nationwide. Bayer’s Roundup settlements may include injured plaintiffs nationwide Bayer is discussing Roundup settlement terms, and sources… Read the full article

Ohio State Sexual Abuse Lawsuits & OSU Athlete Settlements

Cincinnati Sexual Assault Attorney reviewing OSU athlete settlements and Ohio State sexual abuse lawsuits for victims and plaintiffs The Ohio State University made a statement recently regarding a sexual assault… Read the full article

Sex Trafficking Lawsuits & Jeffrey Epstein Child Abuse Litigation Review

Ohio human trafficking attorney investigating sex abuse crimes and reviewing sex trafficking lawsuits and settlements for victims and plaintiffs nationwide Jeffrey Epstein has been the subject of much talk regarding… Read the full article

Ohio Medicare Fraud Lawyer & Whistleblower Rewards

Ohio Medicare Fraud Lawyer investigates qui tam lawsuits and whistleblower rewards for plaintiffs nationwide. Call for a confidential review. Whistleblowers across the country have helped recover millions of dollars in… Read the full article