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Teen Vaping Addiction Lawsuits & JUUL Pod Recall

Cincinnati, Ohio Product Liability Attorney and Consumer Safety Lawyer reviewing teen vaping addiction lawsuits, vaping lung disease and JUUL recalls nationwide Vast numbers of teens and youths are now addicted… Read the full article

Home Appliances & Dangerous Kitchen Appliances

Consumer safety attorney and product liability lawyer investigates defective home appliances and the most dangerous kitchen appliances in homes that may lead to severe burn injury Most consumers don’t think… Read the full article

Miracle Mineral Injury & Supplement Health Risks

Product Liability Lawyer and personal injury attorney reviewing Miracle Mineral Injury cases for plaintiffs nationwide The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning Americans not to consume a product… Read the full article

Prevagen Lawsuits & Supplement False Advertising

Consumer Protection Attorney and Class Action False Advertising lawyer reviewing Prevagen Lawsuits for plaintiffs nationwide Consumers have spent more than $160 million on Prevagen in the last decade, and according… Read the full article