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Electronic Health Record Lawsuits & Medical Record Software Defects

Electronic Health Record Lawsuits have been filed on behalf of injured patients. Defective medical record software could be more common than previously thought, and may endanger patients, leading to medical… Read the full article

Angioplasty Malpractice & Coronary Stent Injury Lawsuits

Cincinnati, Ohio Hospital Negligence Lawyer reviewing surgical errors and angioplasty malpractice on behalf of injured plaintiffs nationwide. An angioplasty should be performed safely every time, seeing as it is one… Read the full article

Unnecessary Vascular Surgery & Leg Stent Lawsuits

Cincinnati medical malpractice attorney and Ohio healthcare whistleblower lawyer investigating unnecessary vascular surgery malpractice cases and leg stent injury lawsuits for plaintiffs nationwide It is unfortunate when patients have to… Read the full article

Mount Carmel Overdose Lawsuits

Ohio Hospital Negligence Attorney and Medical Malpractice Lawyer reviews Mount Carmel overdose lawsuits and wrongful death claims for families and plaintiffs An ongoing investigation into Columbus, Ohio’s Mount Carmel hospital… Read the full article